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Understanding Big Tech! by The Elephant's Child
July 18, 2021, 9:39 am
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The object of Big Tech is to eliminate or get around the annoying humanity bit. They have convinced American business that they can dispense with the expense of a number of employees by having their telephones and websites manned, not with expensive human beings, but with “virtual assistants”, which leave us ordinary humans out there in virtual land screaming “I want to talk to a human being”, and often finding it difficult if not impossible to actually speak to one.

Big Tech is working hard in the other direction. They envision a society where all the annoying interaction is done with robots in one form or another, and they are left free to do more important things than talking to real people. How often have you seen a visual demonstration of the wonderful new things they have gotten a robot to do, like go to Mars. They are dreaming of virtual armies, where no one gets hurt, and you can just go for mass destruction. All very nice, but I suspect that there is a reason for human beings. Humanity is a little more complicated than Big Tech assumes, and I think they’re a bit off in their assumptions. See the previous post about “Sorry, this is crossing a line”.

Humanity is quirky, often wrong, and difficult. That’s why we have these enormous and always growing sectors called “government.” They are all only human too, and often misguided and just plain wrong in their assumptions. See the people of Cuba, marching in the streets occasionally waving American flags as a symbol of freedom. Many American students found that bewildering, for our schools apparently leave them ignorant of American history. If you have children, you might consider adding some history to dinner table conversations.

ADDENDUM: I recommend Alex Marlow’s new book “Breaking the News” highly. He is editor in chief of Breitbart, and explains just what is wrong with the news media today.

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