American Elephants

About The Elephant in the Room! by The Elephant's Child

Elephants are very large animals. It has become a commonplace to refer to “the elephant in the room” meaning something so important or large that it cannot be ignored. Cannot be hidden any more. Found this delightful photo of an elephant camouflaging itself, to illustrate the point.

President Joe Biden has declining memory problems. His staff prepares notes for him to remind him of what he is supposed to be saying or doing. The slip ups are frequent. The former White House physician wants him to have cognitive testing. People are noticing, and wondering just who is running the government. A lot of people are trying to look up Ron Klain, the President’s Chief of Staff, assuming that he’s the one who is really running the show. It is beginning to become an elephant in the room thing.

So just who is Ron Klain, President Biden’s Chief of Staff? Is he really the one who is running the government or is that just political rumor-mongering?

Here is an article from Matthew Continetti in the Washington Free Beacon, from July 23rd, with picture so you can identify them. Here is a post from Scott Johnson at Powerline, one from Kevin Liptak at CNN, and one from Annie Goldsmith at Town and Country Magazine. I don’t know any of the players, but I have certainly noticed the President’s verbal fluffs and stumbles and evidence of his declining memory. Have no idea what is to be done, the idea of the Vice President ascending to the presidency is scary indeed. President Biden said he picked her because he wanted a black woman as his vice president. So that’s where we are.

The Southern border is a crisis. Texas, which has the longest border with Mexico, and the most trouble with illegal immigrants, is in the process of building their own walls to slow the illegal flow. They are also charging them under Texas law, with “trespassing.” We have long since passed the million illegal immigrants number. I think Congress at one point decided that we could probably handle one million legal immigrants in a year’s time. They assumed, of course, that our immigration laws would be obeyed and Border Control and ICE could handle it all. Didn’t occur to anyone, I guess, that the Democrats were so intent on being fully in charge, that they would open up the borders to get new voters.

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