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Biden Official Orders Immigration Judges to Stop Calling Illegal Aliens “Illegal”! by The Elephant's Child
July 30, 2021, 9:10 pm
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Wandering around the internet, trying to understand what is happening can be interesting, but not exactly in the ways intended. Let’s start with “Biden Official Orders Immigration Judges to Stop Describing Illegal Aliens as “Illegal Aliens.” A little politically correct language adjustment here? When you add another article, it changes a bit. “The House of Representatives Passes Bill to Allow Illegal Aliens to Work as Staffers”

What? I’m sorry. NO! Under what warped thinking could you assume that someone who violated the law to cross the border illegally, who is NOT a citizen could possibly be acceptable as a staffer in Congress? I know that Democrats are desperate to get more Democrat voters, but really!

First an Illegal alien needs to become legal. That means applying to enter the country legally, applying to become a citizen, studying to learn what becoming a citizen means, passing a citizenship test, and taking an oath. Any representatives that voted for that bill should be out at the upcoming election.

Here’s an article from the Washington Times: Biden to Push for Amnesty in Reconciliation Package” Why is there any reason to extend amnesty to those who try to sneak across the border illegally for their own benefit? Disapproval of President Biden has slipped, even among members of his own party, fallen from 61 percent to 48 percent — and that’s among partisan Democrats.

Back in April reporters were asking if Biden’s “First 100 Days of Polling would Convince Him that his Agenda Does Not Have a Mandate?” Appropriate question. To work for the federal government in any capacity whatsoever, one should be a citizen. Total disapproval in the Daily Presidential Tracking Poll has been over 50%, which includes announcements about requiring vaccines at the VA and other federal agencies.

Across all demographics, likely voters rate President Biden lower on his handling of violent crime than they do on the economy, but the economy is not good for him either. Concern about violent crime is up around 50% among whites, blacks and other minorities. They are also Very Concerned about inflation.

What people will think when they learn that Congress wants Illegal Aliens to become Congressional staffers, I don’t know!. Every time we reach the borders of absurdity, the borders get shifted.

Write to your congresspeople and let them know what you think. They seem to be off in some strange land where calling someone “illegal” when they are, is more reprehensible than the ordinary violent crime that we are objecting to so much. If people are paying attention, they should be furious.

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