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Australian Farm Production is UP by 68 Percent. by The Elephant's Child
July 31, 2021, 6:49 pm
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I keep mentioning that the Carbon Dioxide, CO2, that the Climatistas keep claiming is some kind of poisonous gas that is going to cause catastrophic climate change, and end life of earth, (think AOC , big mouth, massive ignorance) is a natural fertilizer for plants.

CO2 is greening the earth, making crops more productive, feeding a hungry world.

The Australian Government has issued their Climate Report. Farm productivity is UP in Australia by 68 percent. Australian farm productivity had significantly increased. The decline in rainfall from 2001 to 2021 compared to 1950-2000 saw farm profits reduced, on average by 23 percent or $29.200 with farmers receiving low returns due to climate change. But research has shown that Australian farm productivity had significantly increased with farmers producing almost 30 percent more than they did in 1989 .Over the same period, in spite of weather challenges, grain growers had increased productivity by 68 percent.

It’s just nice to find such clear evidence of common sense once in a while. Ignore AOC and John Kerry who don’t know what they are talking about.

Write to your Congresspeople! by The Elephant's Child
July 31, 2021, 11:21 am
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I tell my readers often to write to their congresspeople, and realized that you may envision laboriously writing a letter, finding an envelope and a stamp, and taking it to the post office.

No. Go to, or, find your congresspeople on the list and a click will bring up their website where you can sound off. All the help you need including how to find out just who your congresspeople are, is right there. You can complain to your heart’s content. At worst, some staffer will enumerate the complainers from your district. And you will also find the website for their offices in your home state, so you can write twice. If you are really incensed, you can go to their home office and sound off. They mostly want to get reelected. so somebody is paying attention.

We vote for the one in our party or who we think is the best candidate, neither of whom may win. Doesn’t matter, they are still responsible for representing you. And unless their feet are held to the proverbial fire, they may not be representing you at all. It’s your best opportunity to be heard. Take advantage of it.

ADDENDUM: We are having local elections on August 3. School boards, city councils, county executive, that sort of thing. Hard to get much information about those who are running for office. We have a constant candidate for office (usually a higher one) who calls himself “goodspaceguy”, running for county executive. I have no idea who he really is, why he gets a bang out of seeing his chosen name on the ballot. This year he has a significant white beard. I assume there is a fee to get put on the ballot, but I don’t know that. He has been on the ballot for years and years. Just a local oddity here in the Seattle area. Do you have some in your area?

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