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Nancy Pelosi Is Trying to Turn This Into the Equivalent of D-Day! An “Invasion” to Blame on President Trump! by The Elephant's Child
August 1, 2021, 9:41 pm
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A group of Trump supporters, a few carrying flags, decided they wanted to walk through the Capitol building in Washington D.C. They were peacefully admitted by the Capitol Police, and walked around looking at the building. They followed the red velvet ropes that were there to guide tourists. A few carried flags, but didn’t wave them around, just looked around like ordinary visitors. The only real anomaly was the “shaman”, bare-chested with furs and horns, but nobody has yet explained why he was there is such a getup.

No reports of any kind of violence, shouting, flag waving, attacks on anybody or anything. Just looking around. After all, as citizens, they are the owners of the buildings. The congressmen and Capitol Police share the ownership, and just work there as their place of business. AOC claimed that she was terrified by the invasion and feared that she might be raped, but it turned out that she was not even in the building anyway.

Now is this roughly what you have heard from Speaker Pelosi? Didn’t think so. It’s described as an invasion, threatening, dangerous, one would think jackbooted terrorists, primitive and frightening. All they have, really, is the picture of men trying to climb the outside wall to get in. They don’t really have anything else except the guy with the horns and fur. The old saying is “making mountains out of molehills.”

Did you notice that she keeps mentioning “January 6” like the “June 6” date of D-Day? But that is the essence of politics, I guess, to turn every event to your benefit, knowing the press, who need readers, will help at every step. Shocking events, celebrities, outrageous statements, human failings and misery all become “click-bait” for reporters to get people to read their stories. The media knows that a goodly percentage of people do not want to read articles, they would rather look at pictures, so familiar names, outrageous charges, chances of violence or mistreatment, titillating details help to get their pieces read, and if they aren’t read, reporters may lose their journalism jobs.

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