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Delta Variant Time? Or Just Ordinary COVID? by The Elephant's Child
August 2, 2021, 6:49 pm
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It’s COVID time again. Everybody Panic!! Get those masks on, and if you are not yet vaccinated, get vaccinated immediately. The Biden administration is trying to decide just what to do to protect themselves and the country, what rules and regulations to issue. Not sure what has made this Monday the big day to get everybody into masks.

The new director of the CDC (the Center for Disease Control) sat for a 20 minute long interview with Bret Baier on Friday. The interview revealed the current politics in the CDC’s declarations and guidance. All as confusing as usual.

Headlines have been pointing out that Covid is coming in at the border with illegal aliens, and the Border Patrol is having a hard time dealing with that. Border area hospitals are full, Some with symptoms are being sent to local hotels. Bad situation. But just what set everything off today, I don’t know, but apparently you are supposed to panic today.

“The Biden Administration continues to exaggerate the risk posed by COVID-19 Breakthrough Infections While Slamming the Press for Doing the Same Thing” read the headline at Reason. The White House is frustrated with alarmist or overwrought Talk about the Delta Variant. So there you go. Everybody back in a mask.

We are fully vaccinated here, two shots of Pfizer. It took a long time and was very hard to find a place to get the vaccine, with lots of computer time searching. Sounds like some other countries (Britain) have much better records about who has been vaccinated and who has not, probably because of their National Health. I think that the big deal is about the Delta Spike. No notable increase in COVID deaths.

Masks are to prevent you from infecting someone else, not to protect you. Nobody has mentioned it in the current flap, but probably it’s a good idea to keep from touching your face. I really hate wearing a mask because it feels hard to breathe.

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