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Twenty-Five Million People Dead! by The Elephant's Child
August 7, 2021, 10:17 pm
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The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 killed twenty-five million people. Pandemics are serious, deadly serious.They arrive as a surprise, and the experts have to try to figure out what to do about them. Whether you loathe him or honor him, Donald Trump did exactly the right thing. Covid first appeared in a nursing home a few miles north of my house, when a man from Wuhan, China visited relatives, and relatives and staff got sick, some died. Trump shut down all flights from China, initiated Project Warp Speed to find out what the virus was, and what to do about it. Project Warp Speed turned out a vaccine. Hospital ships were sent to major ports, cruise lines shut down, temporary hospitals set up in city parks, mistakes were inevitably made, some died unnecessarily, but it could have been a lot worse.

I have family members still working from home online. Some have driven many miles to be able to find a vaccine. Some people are afraid of getting a vaccine. It’s not particularly painful, it smarts a bit, but no big deal. Joe Biden is trying desperately to find some way of taking credit for the vaccine. His open borders have been a huge mistake, but he is unprepared to accept any blame. A high number of border crossers are infected, and hospitals in border towns are burdened both with staff and costs.

If you have not been vaccinated, get the vaccine. Risking your own life is one thing, risking the lives of those around you is quite different.

We don’t know why the pandemic appeared in Wuhan, China. Lots of excuses, lab leak, etc. but just why the laboratories in Wuhan were experimenting with this disease is not clear. Too many of our officials are wanting credit for successes and to be free of any accusations of blame or stupidity. If you have not been vaccinated, it would be wise to remedy that. Twenty-five million people dying in a pandemic, as they did last time is not a joking matter.

Welcome home Olympians! by The Elephant's Child
August 7, 2021, 8:52 pm
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Olympic medal winners and losers are being welcomed home by their friends and families. Sometimes lined up along the highway. Americans value their participation and the long hard work it took to get there. Megan Rapinoe, soccer captain of the purple hair, has turned out to be the least popular person there. Kneeling for the anthem is not popular with Americans. Subway franchises have asked that she be removed from the company ads. National Review had a nice photo article with good pictures of the athletes in action.

I was astonished at some of the events: beach volleyball? Canoe sprint? I had no idea these were Olympic events. Gives more athletes an opportunity to compete, and more variety for spectators. I don’t know the rules for most events. I didn’t see any preliminary material on what events were included, what the contest involved, but that was probably my lack of searching information out. It was nice to see some participants proud of representing their country (through their own hard work, often for years.) I want to be clear about my appreciation for the years of dedication it took to earn those medals. Hope they lead to successful careers and happy lives.

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