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Big-Tech Monitoring Your Phone, Illegal Alien Children in Your Schools -And Now Mandated Electric Cars: The Week’s News. by The Elephant's Child
August 8, 2021, 9:22 pm
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Over the past three weeks, some of the biggest and most powerful Tech Companies have announced steps they have taken to monitor their users. On July 26, a group of tech companies including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter Reddit, Verizon, Airbnb and Mailchimp announced that they will shift the focus of their joint counter-terrorism project dedicated to tracking Islamic extremists to attention on material shared online by_white supremacists” and “far-right militias.”

So there you go. I occasionally hear nutcases talking about “white supremacists” but have never seen the slightest evidence that such groups exist. Since seventy-six percent of the population of the United States of America is white it seems a little silly. Only about fifteen percent of the population is black, and the remainder are the other races.

Apple announced that they would be monitoring users of their I-phones for any photos or conversation about child sexual abuse. I certainly don’t want any conversation or photos of child sexual abuse, but Apple monitoring I-Phones? They are confirming Americans most basic fears of Big Tech and control.

Joe Biden has announced a plan to shift America’s trucks and cars to run on electricity to deal with “greenhouse gas emissions”. Nevermind, of course that the CO2 from car exhaust is not a dangerous greenhouse gas, but a natural fertilizer for plants that is creating bountiful crops and greening the world. As I have mentioned previously, Japan, several years ago was given an edict to switch Japanese vehicles to electric engines, and they soon discovered that Japan was not able to produce enough electricity to both run the nation’s vehicles and light and power the country.

toJoe Biden’s open borders policies have drastically increased the overdose deaths in the country as the Mexican Drug Cartels use the flow of illegal immigrants to cover their importation of drugs. On last Wednesday over 800 illegal minors were stopped at the border in one day. 834 unaccompanied illegal alien minors. The Department of Homeland Security had previously estimated that over 19,000 illegal minors were caught in the month of July surpassing the previous record of 18,877 in the month of March. The totals from March to July are over 84,000. That’s a lot of non-english speaking kids to add to our classrooms this fall. Unfortunately there are a lot of active Covid cases coming in as well. I do not understand why Democrats want open borders, unless it’s just a cynical ploy to get more Democrat voters so they can be more fully in charge.

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