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Not a Day Like All Days, But a Bit Different! by The Elephant's Child
August 15, 2021, 3:50 pm
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Headlines at Frontp : “Biden Sends 5,000 Troops to Afghanistan, Blames Trump”

Taliban insurgents add the capitals of Herat, Kandahar, Badghis, and Helmand provinces to their string of conquests in about 12 hours.

That kind of sums the whole thing up, doesn’t it?

I went looking for some pictures to illustrate the post, and discovered that all the pictures show people on bicycles. No cars, no trucks. I imagine there are, at least, trucks. They need some foodstuffs and things from other countries, don’t they? Imagine fighting a war on bicycles. It’s a fairly dicey part of the world, constant wars and attacks, dicey neighbors. Greenfield says that Afghanistan was never going to work. :”There Was Never a Solution to Afghanistan” It seems to be a very religious part of the world, and religious wars are even nastier than the other kind if that’s possible.

So is America supposed to accept the role of being the world’s policeman? I thought we were in the midst of some kind of bright ideas about one world government, or something like that. And then there are the Climate Wars, where we have to drop everything else and just panic because the changing climate is going to end our world in just a few years anyway. Maybe Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown has the right idea after all. Just don’t teach the kids how to read.

OK, fire Kate Brown, We got rid of Andrew Cuomo, even if for the wrong crime, bottom pinching is clearly far worse than killing off a bunch of old people who were getting up there and going to die anyway. Recall California’s governor Newsom. We are Americans, a powerful people, and we can get the important things done. The University of Wisconsin at Madison just removed a Very Large Rock that students deemed “racist” though I’m not clear on why it was racist. It was HUGE! 75 Tons! Cost $75,000! to please the snowflakes on campus, who apparently graduated from Kate Brown’s high schools in Oregon and never learned to read.

So there you have Sunday, August 15th, 2021.

ADDENDUM: Speaker Nancy Pelosi chimed in on Twitter to compliment President Biden on his clarity of purpose up there at Camp David.

Nancy Pelosi@SpeakerPelosi·The President is to be commended for the clarity of purpose of his statement on Afghanistan and his action. The Taliban must know the world is watching its actions. We are concerned about reports regarding the Taliban’s brutal treatment of all Afghans, especially women and girls.

August, Hottest Month of the Year! by The Elephant's Child
August 15, 2021, 1:40 pm
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It’s hot here in the Seattle area, so it is probably hot in Washington D.C. as well. Joe Biden has gone off to the Presidential retreat at Camp David in the mountains where it is cooler. It is, after all, August.

That does not slow down the problem of illegal immigration in the slightest. It just keeps growing. Joe Biden threw the border open in January 2021, and told them they wouldn’t be turned away, so the numbers just keep growing. There seem to be large numbers who assume that massive immigration is a good thing. I welcome new legal immigrants, but stress the word “legal”. Congress has said that we can probably accept one million immigrants a year, but I think we’re already way past that. I don’t think they specified “legal” or “illegal”.

July 2021 was the worst month for illegal border crossings since June, which was the worst month for illegal border crossings since May, and so forth, back to January 2021 — the month Joe Biden threw the border wide open. With that, he also threw away our national security and invited COVID across the border in huge numbers. COVID hotels and COVID buses headed for Austin and Houston daily are now happening thanks to Joe Biden, who is also denouncing Texas for the rise in COVID cases here.

Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, is actually beginning to admit that there is a problem. Since they have become “migrants” instead of illegal aliens, their “migration” is now being blamed on “Climate“, which furthers the Democrat cause. I assume you are not actually surprised. Do Democrats assume they will all be Democrat voters since Biden let them in?

Allow me to repeat myself once again. There is no climate crisis. Christiana Figueres, at the time of the big Davos meeting where the rich and famous gather to direct the world as much as they can, was General Secretary of the IPCC. She held a press conference to explain that the Climate Crisis was their best chance of getting rid of hated “Capitalism” in the world, and so it goes.

The “One World Government ” folks don’t give up, but I suppose the idea of directing the whole world instead of having to cope with individual countries has some appeal. They just want to be in CONTROL. The idea of free people deciding on their own preferences and dreams and ambitions is simply repugnant to them. You’ve met people like that, who just want to be in charge. A good number of them, the rich ones, go off to Davos to see and be seen.

Our climate is controlled by the action of our sun, and we have no idea what to do about it, except to go off to Camp David, some nice lake, or just buy a lot of electric fans if you don’t have air-conditioning. Carbon Dioxide is not the cause of climate change. CO2 is a natural fertilizer for plants and makes crops grow more bountiful, feeds hungry peoples around the world. Also helps trees and forests grow, making the world a little greener. If you hear farmers talking about record crops, that’s why. Farmers do a fine job of fertilizing their crops, but a little extra CO2 in the air helps out a lot.

We have a lot of forest fires right now. A little smoky here, fires in the Cascade mountains. If you want to know where the fires are, check in with the U.S. Forest Service which has maps showing where the forest fires are, and indicating the cause, which is usually lightening. More fires in Eastern Washington, and Oregon has had some big ones.

Growing up, I used to spend some time at a ranger station not too far away with a friend who was daughter of a ranger station manager. Visited the Lookouts regularly, which are open to the public .Lots of information available now on computer. You don’t just have to wonder why it seems smoky, the U.S. Forest Service will tell you where all the fires are, what caused them, how many acres involved, and when control is expected. A lot depends on the lay of the land, and lightening fires can be in the most remote places. That’s why we have smoke jumpers, and planes that are set up to carry large amounts of water to dump on fires. Think kind thoughts of the U.S. Forest Service. They do a remarkable job.

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