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Leaving Equipment for the Taliban. by The Elephant's Child
August 20, 2021, 1:18 pm
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According to Breitbart, a majority of Americans now say that Biden is not up to the job. 51% of Americans believe that others are making the decisions for him.

Yesterday was a day about Afghanistan. We have messed up rather badly. I think they got the embassy staff all out, but apparently about 10,000 Americans still remain there and they are in danger. Military cannot supply enough planes? Can’t decide who has priority? The Wall Street Journal reminded us that Pakistan is 50 times more dangerous than Afghanistan. They have nuclear weapons, and 200 million people, many of whom are cheering the Taliban victory in Afghanistan. Don’t forget that Islam is a major religion and has ardent followers, who hate unbelievers.

We left behind millions of dollars worth of American military equipment ranging up through helicopters. We have not really enough planes to extract all the Americans there, so extracting all our equipment was out of the question. The attempts to get our people out are ongoing. The administration is now weighing airstrikes to destroy the equipment .

Today, White House spokesperson Kate Belingfield (?) said that the administration still did not know how many Americans were in Afghanistan. U.S. troops are not venturing beyond the airport to find our people and give them safe passage.

George Stephanopoulas in an exclusive interview with President Biden asked him “Do you believe the Taliban have changed?”

President Biden responded: “I think they’re going through sort of an existential crisis about to they want to be recognized by the international community as being a legitimate government.” So there you go, it’s just an existential crisis.

There’s some talk of forcing Biden to resign, but then that would leave us with Kamala Harris, who is oddly, in Vietnam. Distance? Dunno. The strange thing about all this is that most of the questions are about the actions of our own government, not what the Taliban has done. Congress will be looking for some answers, I suspect.

We are all looking for answers.

The vehicles are Humvees. I knew the term, but didn’t know what it described. A more modern and much more useful version of a jeep.

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