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What’s True and What’s Not? Strange Times! by The Elephant's Child
August 25, 2021, 4:49 pm
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The Pentagon has estimated there are more than 10,000 people outside the airport in Afghanistan ready to be extracted, adding that the numbers could change if more are able to reach “the point of extraction.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi scolded two congressmen who traveled to Afghanistan to see for themselves, saying the region is not safe, after she praised Biden for his handling of the war in Afghanistan.

Ron Klain at the White House is claiming over 80,000 evacuated from Kabul in approximately 10 days. He’s the one some people say is doing the president’s work for him. It is getting so weird out there that one does not know what or who to believe.

Received a mailer yesterday from Amazon fresh, Amazon’s new grocery store. Pretty standard grocery flyer, except that it didn’t bother to tell me where the store is! Obviously, I could go online to find out, but really! Their new name for their own special products is “Happy Belly” which I find totally offensive. I don’t know why, “belly” is not a word that I ever use, as it seems crude. But that may just be me. Probably will not shop at Amazon fresh. They are not getting off to a good start!

I grew up with Sears and Roebuck and Montgomery Ward mail order catalogs, which were huge, about 2″ thick and invaluable for those who lived in more remote parts of the country. Both are long out of business, as they did not adapt to the computer age well.

So I am long accustomed to mail-order. One would think that it would get much easier and smoother in the computer age. Three of my most recent orders were delivered to a Seattle address that I never heard of, so they have some serious work to do. With coronavirus, ordering by mail or online seems more advisable than going to a store, so their business should be up and operating smoothly. Uh huh. If you demand exacting standards from your workers, you are apt to get more correct work.

I feel less confident today in what I read, or hear, than at any time I can remember. Reporters like to get “celebrity” statements because a familiar name will act as “click bait” and get their piece read. If they would spend less time trying to track down a celebrity comment and more on digging in to the facts and finding out what is true and what is not, I would be more confident in reading “the news.”

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