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Democrats Just Want to Be in Charge! by The Elephant's Child
August 26, 2021, 1:37 pm
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Nancy Pelosi is confirming her position as the worst Speaker of the House in the history of the country. Democrats in Congress have just passed a law that would federalize America’s elections! No more state control.

Dumb! I would think this would be unconstitutional, but obviously we will see. Poor Democrats. They just cannot stand not being fully in charge! 245 years of the freest country on the face of the earth, and they want to revert to a communist-type dictatorship where they do not have to deal with other opinions that might disagree.

Unbelievable! Your state can no longer run your elections, but will turn them over to Joe Biden’s Department of Justice!

Well, we currently have a President who is not up to the job, a missing Vice President off hiding in Asia somewhere, And in Kabul, Suicide Bombings! At least 12 U.S. Soldiers killed. 60 dead, 140 wounded overall. Joe Biden has gone into hiding, no press conference, no State Department briefing today. Chartered airplanes leave Kabul with hundreds of empty seats. Republicans are demanding that Joe Biden resign, his incompetence is now costing American Lives. (That would leave the missing Kamala Harris as president!) Inflation is hitting a record high, and jobless claims are rising. Other than that…

I hate getting up in the morning and turning on the computer to find out that my country is falling apart!

Why are we leaving all sorts of military equipment for the Taliban? How about smashing the carburetors of all those Humvees we are leaving behind? Surely we still have some competent people somewhere in the federal government. If the British and the French can extract all their people safely from Afghanistan, why can’t we? They did send in their special forces to accomplish it. I was under the impression that we had special forces too. But they can’t go off on their own, someone in authority has to order it. And that would be?

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