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Secretary of State Anthony Blinken: by The Elephant's Child
August 28, 2021, 9:00 pm
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President Joe Biden’s Secretary of State Anthony Blinken delivered remarks on Afghanistan yesterday at the State Department, he discussed the evacuation of Americans and the department’s calculation of “relevant numbers.” The numbers conflicted with earlier briefings, but they were characterized as “dynamic calculations.” The Secretary concluded that their efforts are a great success.

“Thus from this list of approximately 1,000, we believe that the number of Americans actively seeking assistance is likely significantly lower. Sort of blaming Americans who remain stranded for being stranded. Supposedly everybody has to be out by the 31st, but he added that “There is no deadline on our work to help any remaining American citizens who decide they want to leave to do so with the many Afghans who have stood by us over these many years and want to leave and have been unable to do so. That effort will continue every day past August 31st”. Daniel Greenfield notes that “The United States keeps making the mistake of treating Jihadist groups like representative of some legitimate government. Even aside from the fact that they are our sworn enemies, it’s like assuming that you can stop gang violence in Chicago by meeting with a top gang leader.” House Republicans have filed impeachment articles against Secretary Blinken.

So it’s all up in the air. Nobody knows what will happen, but it doesn’t look good. We seem to have Democrats who believe that all the troubled and unfortunates of the world are thus entitled to come to America and be offered asylum and a job and benefits and whatever else they might happen to need because they are troubled and unfortunate. Without any realization that taxpayers might not be willing to support the rest of the world arriving to be cared for at their expense.

Joe Biden is suffering from increasingly dropping approval ratings, understandably. I don’t know. A large percentage of people seem to get their information from TV news. occasionally watched. I’m of the opinion that our schools should be turning out students who are hungry to understand the world and what is going on, and have failed if they do not , but that may be just me.

ADDENDUM: Blinken said this morning that they believe that the Taliban will continue to allow people to leave after the August 31st deadline. I hope he’s right, but if so, why is there a “deadline”?

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