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I Found This, Which is Appalling! by The Elephant's Child
September 1, 2021, 7:09 pm
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This was not a mistake. This was deliberate. A continuation of the insane appeasement of Iran by Obama – may he rot in hell.


Comment by Kangarew66

Biden has armed the Taliban to fight the Mullahs of Iran just like they tried to when they (Obama/Biden) created ISIS with the help of Turkey in the Syrian Civil War. Notice how quickly the Afghans dropped their weapons just like the Iraqis. I smell a rat.


Comment by dscott8186

If you were listening to FNC recently, the implication spoken of by one of the vets involved in the rescue efforts indicates Biden and his puppet masters deliberately gave Afghanistan to the Taliban, intended to recognize them as a government and also intended to leave all the military equipment for them to use.

To what end does one leave this kind of armament in the hands of a Sunni Religious Sect (Cult) like the Taliban? None of the heavy equipment left behind is necessary to control the population. That’s what they have AK47’s for. Look at the map, who borders Afghanistan? … Iran, a Shiite Islamic state. Sunni’s consider Shiites a cult, heretics. Can you imagine what the Taliban thinks of the Iranian Mullahs???

IMO, Biden and his handlers have decided to pit the Taliban against the Iranians to repeat the Iran/Iraq war scenario. Triangulation is what these people do, we did it to the Russians and Chinese, we did it to Saddam and the Mullahs. There is lots of money to be made by selling ammo to both sides to help them do their blood letting.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims are going to be slaughtered and Biden will come out smelling like a rose. IF this comes to pass, you will have witnessed pure evil from the ruling class of America.


Comment by dscott8186

Independent confirmation that Biden deliberately cut a deal with the Taliban for all this equipment. You decide what the goal is.


Comment by dscott8186

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