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An Unsettled World, Indeed! by The Elephant's Child
September 6, 2021, 9:26 pm
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The cost or value of the weaponry that we left behind for the Taliban in Afghanistan has been estimated at about $80 billion worth. Victor Davis Hanson said for that amount, we could buy a couple of aircraft carriers. Football stadiums this weekend have erupted in cries of “F”Joe Biden, talks of impeaching him have been somewhat dampened by a strong general lack of enthusiasm for Kamala Harris, and she seems to be in hiding anyway. These are very odd times indeed. It doesn’t generate a lot of confidence in President Biden’s choices of cabinet members either, nor has what we hear from them. If he can make such bad decisions on Afghanistan, we can assume that he makes bad decisions on other things as well.

Hollywood has erupted over the State of Texas’ abortion regulations. The idea that a woman should be obliged to consider any one of the sure-fire methods of preventing a pregnancy (there are 14 of them, aside from just saying NO). Apparently expecting a woman who wants to have sex, but not get pregnant, to take precautions against getting pregnant is too much to ask, and they must have abortion and abortionists fully available for their convenience, should they happen to require their services. There seem to be a lot of issues that require some responsibility from the general public out there, and the general public doesn’t want to have to be responsible. Am I being unfair?

I believe that you have an obligation to let your representatives in Washington D.C. know what you want from them, besides the fact that you voted for (or against) them. Otherwise they have no idea, except for how many votes they got. Otherwise they have to rely on the online news or the newspapers from their home district. Do you subscribe to your local newspaper and agree with their political philosophy? One of the old sayings is “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”:, but you get the idea. If you have not made any effort to let them know what you think, don’t expect them to be responsive. One thing you can be confident about they probably want to get reelected. It’s a pretty cushy job, they get constant media attention, become somewhat famous, and get lots of amenities, like enriching their family and relatives. Don’t know how? Scroll down, I explained in depth earlier, or try “how to write to your congressman” in the bar over Bob Hope’s head in the sidebar.

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