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Saudi Pilots Flew the Planes on 9/11! by The Elephant's Child
September 12, 2021, 2:49 pm
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I’d like to think that someone at the FBI reads my little blog, but I expect that it is just coincidence. I did not understand why some were blaming the Saudi’s for 9/11, for I thought it was the Afghans. And that was the reason why we were in Afghanistan. The FBI just released information confirming that the pilots of the 9/11 aircraft that slammed into the World Trade Center towers were not Afghans, but Saudis. Why they kept that secret, I don’t know.

Then former president George W. Bush gave a 9/11 speech, in which he essentially demonstrated his “Trump derangement syndrome”, which did not go over well. He chose to compare the Americans who “invaded” the Capitol building to “Terrorists” and “Extremists”.

Excuse me, Capitol police opened the doors for them, they walked respectfully through the capitol, according to all reports, obeying the velvet ropes that told them where to walk, did no damage of any kind, but frightened the members of Congress who were not used to being confronted with actual citizens. Depends, of course, on which members of the press you heard about it from, and how they told their story. The more dramatic their story, the more space it got and the more attention. And the guy with the horns and fur hat was one of the more dramatic things.

Our biggest problem, of course, is that we are all human, with all the error and conflict that entails. We are bundles of emotion, we get angry over the wrong things, don’t understand what we read, don’t read, but get what scanty information we receive from television, or would rather watch a movie than listen to boring news. And if we were all college graduates, read voraciously, were always well-informed, we’d still be disagreeing over everything, perhaps with a different bunch of people. It’s just the human condition.

Helps a lot if the information we get is accurate, but those who write the news that they pass on to us are only human too. The more dramatic their story, the more space it gets, and the more attention it gets, and thus their careers are enhanced. That’s all just normal human life, and we just have to do the best we can, which will undoubtedly be imperfect.

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The blaming-the-Saudis-for-9/11 thing was because at least one of the (literally thousands) of princes of the House of Saud was involved in funding Al-Qa’ida, which was pretty pan-Arabic in their goals and recruiting.
Also, Osama bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia, to a Yemeni.

That, and similar really bad behavior, is why the new-ish crown prince was putting so many of the other princes in jail, and why Turkey (and many others profiting from promoting terrorism) were so very eager to get him booted.


Comment by Foxfier

This is no secret. An FBI press release from September 27th, 2001 identified the hijackers and their nationalities. It was well publicized in national media outlets that 15 of the 19 terrorists were Saudi citizens. We invaded Afghanistan because they hosted the training camps for Al Qaida. It seems clear that our economic dependence on Saudi oil may have protected them.


Comment by J. F. Weaver

I didn’t intend to say it was a secret, it was unknown to me. I missed that somehow. I can remember reading about foreigners learning to fly airliners at a flight school here, but I did not put it together with the airliners that were flown into the twin towers.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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