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Mandating? How Dare He Mandate! by The Elephant's Child
September 13, 2021, 9:57 pm
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Yesterday’s big flap was over President Biden’s mandating Covid vaccinations. I see the death toll from the epidemic, and cannot imagine why every unvaccinated person is not rushing to the nearest vaccine station. We had to hunt for a long time to find a place to get the vaccine. Apparently many people do not want to receive a vaccine, and most especially do not want it mandated. There are odd fears, but the CDC is our best source of straight health information. They work hard at it. Plenty of questions remain about boosters and repeat shots. We are learning as we go along. The CDC is pretty good about telling us how .

In the United States to date there have been 41,506,068 confirmed cases and 670,652 deaths, Globally there have been 224,322,544 confirmed cases and 4,625,974 deaths. Wouldn’t that send you running for a vaccine?

Here in the state of Washington we have 599.971 confirmed cases and 6,977 deaths, but how dare the president “mandate” vaccinations? I am not a big Joe Biden fan, but he is clearly trying to save American lives. The vaccines are effective, the questions that remain are about boosters. How soon after the original shot? and is more than one booster needed? Is this just the familiar little kids: “You can’t make me” or us there some deep seated fear here?

Worldwide pandemics are no joke. The more people that are infected, the more likely other variants are to pop up. It’s distressing to learn that Anthony Fauci had invested American money in the work at Wuhan Laboratories. More information is likely to emerge over time. We still do not know why the Chinese were really experimenting with these diseases.

The flu epidemic at the end of the first World War killed 25 million people, and was simply devastating. Today, most of us just get an annual flu shot, which reminds me that I haven’t had one yet.this year. I have had, at my doctor’s instructions, a shingles shot, and I must admit I don’t even know what shingles is.


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