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Mandating? How Dare He Mandate! by The Elephant's Child
September 13, 2021, 9:57 pm
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Yesterday’s big flap was over President Biden’s mandating Covid vaccinations. I see the death toll from the epidemic, and cannot imagine why every unvaccinated person is not rushing to the nearest vaccine station. We had to hunt for a long time to find a place to get the vaccine. Apparently many people do not want to receive a vaccine, and most especially do not want it mandated. There are odd fears, but the CDC is our best source of straight health information. They work hard at it. Plenty of questions remain about boosters and repeat shots. We are learning as we go along. The CDC is pretty good about telling us how .

In the United States to date there have been 41,506,068 confirmed cases and 670,652 deaths, Globally there have been 224,322,544 confirmed cases and 4,625,974 deaths. Wouldn’t that send you running for a vaccine?

Here in the state of Washington we have 599.971 confirmed cases and 6,977 deaths, but how dare the president “mandate” vaccinations? I am not a big Joe Biden fan, but he is clearly trying to save American lives. The vaccines are effective, the questions that remain are about boosters. How soon after the original shot? and is more than one booster needed? Is this just the familiar little kids: “You can’t make me” or us there some deep seated fear here?

Worldwide pandemics are no joke. The more people that are infected, the more likely other variants are to pop up. It’s distressing to learn that Anthony Fauci had invested American money in the work at Wuhan Laboratories. More information is likely to emerge over time. We still do not know why the Chinese were really experimenting with these diseases.

The flu epidemic at the end of the first World War killed 25 million people, and was simply devastating. Today, most of us just get an annual flu shot, which reminds me that I haven’t had one yet.this year. I have had, at my doctor’s instructions, a shingles shot, and I must admit I don’t even know what shingles is.


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In the United States to date there have been 41,506,068 confirmed cases and 670,652 deaths, Globally there have been 224,322,544 confirmed cases and 4,625,974 deaths. Wouldn’t that send you running for a vaccine?

A less-than-2% death rate for “confirmed cases” (a very dirty estimate of CFR) of a disease where at least half of those who have it never have symptoms and for much of the data collection period they only confirmed those cases bad enough to put someone in the hospital? And then added in all presumed deaths, including those who were refused treatment for unrelated health issues, and in the case of the New York metropolitan area, all unattended deaths?

Good heavens, no, that would not send me running for a vaccine.

The flu has a roughly 3% CFR– “if you get sick enough to go to the hospital, it’s about three percent fatal.”

The Spanish Flu was notable for how freaking stupidly it was dealt with; the estimated world fatality rate was 2.5%.

To try to visualize that for comparison, if EVERY SINGLE “confirmed COVID case” had died, it would be just over the world fatality rate for the Spanish Flu. Which stopped after 2 years because it was a novel outbreak, which mutated into a less dangerous form. (which is standard for viruses–they mutate to a less fatal form; it’s when they jump from other species that you get really nasty outbreaks)

All of these numbers are ignoring the open malpractice going on– I have a friend whose husband is in the ICU with COVID.
Because when he tested positive and was informed he was dehydrated, with multiple risk factors, he was told to isolate at home. They would not admit him for treatment until he was so sick he couldn’t drive himself in, rather than treating the dehydration.

The family friend who died of COVID caught it before the WHO stopped covering for China, and it went to pneumonia– he would’ve recovered, if he’d gotten treatment for the pneumonia beyond “is healthy enough to be removed from the emergency room,” isolate at home. Took half a year to kill him from medical neglect. Again, hospital wasn’t over-run, it was the “policy.” Only emergency medical care, and COVID.

And now I’m supposed to use experimental vaccines, which the nurses who have stayed working through the last nearly two years will be fired rather than take?
(the dirty truth behind “lack of beds,” incidentally– turns out that firing a third of your nursing staff for not accepting experimental medical procedures makes it hard to man beds)

Nurses who flatly state that they were discouraged or flatly forbidden from reporting complications then refused the vaccine.

You bet I don’t run to get that.


Comment by Foxfier

According to Johns Hopkins site:

Yesterday’s data (9/13/2021)
NEW CASES: 33,807
The first case of COVID-19 in United States was reported 599 days ago on 1/21/2020. Yesterday, the country reported 33,807 new confirmed cases and 279 deaths.

“The first case of COVID-19 in United States was reported 599 days ago on 1/21/2020. Since then, the country has reported 40,955,201 cases, and 659,970 deaths.”

“Overall, 178,692,875 people or 54% of the population have been fully vaccinated.”

178,692,875 + 40,955,201 = 219,648,076 Total people immune to COVID at this point assuming no one who got COVID then got the vaccine.  219,648,076 / 350,000,000 (US Pop) = 62.7% herd immunity.

If you look at the US daily totals and rates by Death and change the scale to logarithmic to observe the trend, Our rate is flattening.  Meaning that we are getting much better at treating the disease with a range of new medications.

If you take the 279 deaths that supposedly occurred yesterday and multiply by 365 for an annualized total we get a projected 101,835 IF nothing changes.  Now that annualized amount is about 2.5 x the annual Flu death toll we normally experienced before COVID.  Here’s the grain of salt, we have and continue to hear of padding the numbers to inflate the totals.  It’s also amazing the number of Flu cases almost dropped to zero, which leads me to conclude that at least 40,000 of those deaths are probably Flu related and misdiagnosed for political purposes.  Meaning that the true COVID death toll is approx 1.5 X the normal Flu mortality rate.


Comment by dscott8186

I think a little context is necessary to view Biden’s mandate IF it is really necessary to actually trample on the SCOTUS standard of “Privacy Rights” of My body, my choice that they say is in the US Constitution in Roe v Wade.  They made it clear you can’t force a person to NOT have a medical procedure and therefore conversely CANNOT force a person to have one against their will unless there is a unique circumstance to them determined by a court of law in a hearing. Merely forcing someone to have any medical procedure, which a vaccine shot is, requires Due Process, that’s long settled law.  Hence, you can not fire a person from a job as an employer without going to court on a person by person basis.  The courts have always demanded an exception on such sweeping laws.


Comment by dscott8186

‘The numbers are skewed’: Colorado officials warn of inflated COVID death statistics
Health officials reportedly continuing to conflate deaths “from” and “with” COVID.


Comment by dscott8186

I’m sure you are right, But that’s the official numbers we have., until we get some others. It is, however, a serious pandemic, that may turn out to be around permanently. If we can just get most everybody vaccinated, it will help. It may turn out that we need an annual shot like we do for the flu. The closer we can get to having everyone vaccinated, the better off the country is.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Following up with new information from the CDC:

CDC Withdraws Use of PCR Test for COVID and Finally Admits the Test Can Not Differentiate Between the Flu and COVID Virus

As I posted above, the disappearance of the Flu in 2020 was a mystery. Mystery solved, it’s called gross incompetence at best or a misinformation campaign by some very evil people. How is it that a test to detect COVID 19 was not verified for false results?


Comment by dscott8186

“Walensky also finally admitted that the vast majority of individuals who died with COVID had at least four comorbidities.”

“only 6% of all deaths reported as COVID deaths were strictly due to COVID only. The remaining 94% of the deaths reported as COVID deaths were deaths “with COVID” where those who died had multiple other co-morbidities as well. On average, those who were labeled as dying from COVID had more than two other co-morbidities.”

Of the 836,000 people who died “with COVID”, 9,210 died “of COVID”. In other words, the average flu strain is more lethal than COVID ever was.

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Comment by dscott8186

That didn’t get a lot of publicity, did it? In 1918 there were massive deaths from flu. Idon’t remember the numbers without looking it up, but they were horrendous! Dunno if we will just be able to get an annual Covid shot, like our flu shots, but it seems likely. We really do have a remarkable pharmaceutical industry, and we don’t give them enough credit!I could understand the objections to the federal government ‘mandating’ but not the vast objections to getting a vaccine shot. Donald Trump saved millions of lives by stopping travel from China promptly and starting work on a vaccine. The first Covid deaths were in a nursing home just a couple of miles north of me, and due to a visitor from China to relatives here. I think we are not demanding enough accuracy from our news media.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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