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The Day After: Newsom Not Recalled, Taliban Promise to Help Biden with Climate! by The Elephant's Child
September 15, 2021, 3:26 pm
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Somehow, yesterday’s post didn’t get posted, so we can go directly to today’s update. California Governor Newsom did not get officially recalled, unfortunately, and California Democrats are trying to figure out how to ban recall efforts. Pity. Lousy governor, but politics will often triumph over plain old common sense. The train to nowhere will continue going nowhere, the needed cleanup of forests won’t happen, the water problems will continue, but I have no vote. I have lived all over California in 6 or 7 cities all over the state, and loathed the state generously over the years.

General Milley will be retired, court-martialed, or simply fired in short order. Congress has informed President Biden that they are not going along with his big spending dreams, and I don’t know what’s happening with the unbelievably stupid taxpayer money going to Afghanistan nor to the Afghan refugees being imported here. Latest reports have over a thousand Americans left behind in Afghanistan. Veterans have drummed up rescue efforts, but are not receiving any help from our State Department, which is apparently more afraid of annoying the Taliban than in getting our citizens out. File this whole thing under Badly Handled Mess. But the Taliban did promise to help President Biden with his climate concerns.

And as with so many other things, President Biden’s climate concerns are misplaced. The Earth is not overheating, The climate is controlled by the actions of our sun. CO2, carbon dioxide, is a natural fertilizer for plants, and even Afghanistan has had unusually bountiful crops.

Most forest fires are caused by lightening strikes, you can check that out with the U.S. Forest Service online, and learn where fires are and what their prospects are. I can look out of my window here, to the South where I get a view of distant trees and if they look smoky, I know there are fires in the Cascade Range. Growing up, one of my closest friends was daughter of a Forest Ranger, and ran a station. We got to ride the horses, or fish in the creeks in the meadows that were the beginnings of a major river. If you have never been to a Forest Service Lookout, inquire about visits. They can be very interesting, and they are located on major peaks where you can see for miles and miles.

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