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Illegal Border Crossers, Del Rio, Texas by The Elephant's Child
September 19, 2021, 5:39 pm
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Joe Biden has certainly determined to alter the United States of America. He’s invited Central America to come. They are not refugees, but just want to earn more money than they can at home. We currently have some 14,000 refugees from Haiti camped under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. Haiti was once a prosperous French colony, but now the poorest nation in the Carribean. Their President just got assassinated, so ther is apparently unrest. We are arranging flights back to Haiti for them.

Our state of Georgia is getting 1,000 Afghan “refugees” dumped on it. Washington State gets 1.7 thousand, California gets 6.3 thousand, if this chart of the Approved Number of Afghan Refugees by State is correct. This first group of Afghans is 37,000. Biden is dumping most of them in red states.

The Taliban commander told CNN that they believe they will one day have Islamic Law across the world. That’s what they are required to believe and work for. You might want to inquire a bit about Islamic Law. Not exactly what we are accustomed to. The 37,000 Afghans is supposedly just the first bunch. We have more in camps in other Asian countries where we have them waiting to come here, I guess. I did not vote for Joe Biden, but I certaily did not expect this from him, nor did others.

An excelent source for information is the Center for Immigration Studies (, a Washington D.C. Think Tank dedicated to immigration.

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