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Fear of a Vaccine or Fear of a Mandate? by The Elephant's Child
October 1, 2021, 6:22 pm
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The Biden government is trying to get everyone vaccinated, and making a bit of a mess of it. Joe Biden wants credit for the coronavirus vaccine. He had nothing to do with it, but he loathes Donald Trump and is unwilling to give his predecessor credit for anything. When the Covid virus first appeared in America, it was in a nursing home in the Seattle suburb just north of my house. President Trump quickly put a halt to flights from China or visitors from China, and started what became “Operation Warp Speed” to produce a cure or a vaccine for what appeared to be a dangerous disease.

What the Biden administration has done is to mandate vaccination in as many ways as they can think of. Americans don’t take kindly to “mandates”. They put “free people” pretty high on their list of what it means to be an American. What the Biden administration should have done, in my opinion, was a direct and concentrated effort to explain just what the Coronavirus epidemic is all about, why it is so dangerous, all that. It’s pretty clear from all the folks that are refusing to get vaccinated that they simply do not understand what it is all about.

A lot of people worldwide are dying from the contagion, and it’s not just the elderly though they are most vulnerable. Masks help, but are meant to protect others from you, not you from others. I was searching for somewhere to get vaccinated for months before I could find a source. For example, our local hospital was first vaccinating all of its donors, which is frustrating but probably just. They got together with another major hospital and had a big event with a cast of thousands at the Microsoft campus, where we got our vaccinations. Had family that drove many miles for an event elsewhere where they could get their shots. It was very complicated, and probably similar to other states and regions. And for those of us who struggled to find a place to get the vaccine, it is amazing to see all the people apparently frightened of getting a shot. That suggests to me that we need way better communication and explanation rather than ‘mandates’.

Boosters are available and recommended, but we don’t really know yet whether this will boil down to something like your annual flu shot, or whether the vaccination is either long-lasting or permanent. A more thorough understanding of what we know now about the disease, and what we don’t know yet, would help. Lots of publicity about the masked and the unmasked at special events, but what seems to be needed is more information. More explaining, less mandating.

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Next we will have to have a vaccine “passport” to be able to travel
buy food or simply exist. Government is what Pol Pot was
Stalinist Russia and the “favorite” Hitler , yes they took great
records …Show me your Papers.


Comment by ronspins81

It seems pretty clear that what the Democrats want is control. I do believe that everyone should get vaccinated, but you get there with massive information, not force. It may be easier just to demand and legally force, but unwise. Just that effort frightens people. I don’t hear a lot of people afraid of a flu shot, and those who get the flu and recover are certainly willing to get an annual shot. I dumped any and all Fauci information after the photo of him unmasked with a group of friends at a football game.If you can’t follow your own rules….


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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