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The Border Patrol Use Their Horses Reins to Control Their Horses. by The Elephant's Child

The way things happen is often surprising. Photographs of mounted Border Patrol agents dealing with illegals where the Rio Grande River marks the border with Mexico, elicited mass outrage at the sight of the long reins on the Border Patrol agents’ horses, for some were certain that the mean agents were beating the innocent illegals with the horses reins. The accusers clearly were unfamiliar with horses, had never been up close to one, let alone ridden one, and did not understand western saddles and bridles and reins.

I have owned a couple of horses, ridden all over the National Forest, and had some wonderful adventures. One of my horses was trained as a cutting horse, (which means to select out a particular steer from a herd). On one ride we ran into a small herd of cattle, and she immediately tried to cut one steer out. I was promptly pitched off, and apparently broke my back, which I was unaware of until recently when my doctor asked me after looking at my x-rays — when I broke my back? Only major fall I ever had.

“The Border Patrol is now realizing that the public doesn’t know what the Border Patrol does, and they have been lax in explaining why they are there. Which is a very good thing. It’s a valuable service that does very difficult work, and they save a lot of lives in their efforts to control the border. Their job has been made much more difficult with Biden’s “open borders”, but they have just released the story of the rescues they have accomplished just in the last few days. It’s not an easy job, and there is some very rough country down there, as well as the major river.

And no, they are not beating illegal aliens with their horses’ reins. And reporters and congresspeople who are running off at the mouth about things they know nothing about should investigate a little before they start accusing. Joe Biden promptly wanted to deprive the Border Patrol of their horses, which just shows how little Mr. Biden knows about the border and the problems that the Border Patrol faces. One would assume that there would be someone on his staff who knew something about the agency that reports to the President, but apparently not. Of course that is fairly obvious, when Biden and his Homeland Security agent Alejandro Mayorkas try to avoid talking about the illegal immigration problems. at all.

The Border Patrol uses their reins to control their horses. They need the horses to reach much of the rough country and mountains on the border, and the huge Rio Grande River as well. They save a lot of lives, and do a lot of very hard work. Give them a bit of appreciation!

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