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Some Days Promise to Be a Bit Off! by The Elephant's Child
October 13, 2021, 12:11 pm
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I’m sure everyone sometimes awakens in the morning, remembering what they had just dreamed. This morning I remembered dreaming that our lives had been taken over by D.B. Cooper! The name seemed vaguely familiar, but I could not remember why or who he was, so I had to look him up when I started up the computer. Bet you don’t remember either! (Look it up) Why that would pop up in my sleep remains a mystery. But with an early look at the news of the day, perhaps something is just off!

Department of Homeland Security Chairman Alejandro Mayorkas is promising to end the workplace enforcement of migration laws, and to help illegal migrants get higher wages from their U.S. employers. Other than the illegalities involved in that promise, the only reason why illegal Immigrants get jobs at all is because they are illegal and thus cost less to hire. We don’t understand what our job is?

Then Nancy Pelosi scolded the American press. She told reporters that “You could do a better job” selling Biden’s Radical Agenda. Vice President Kamala Harris lamented America’s “Shameful Past and Devastation Wrought by European Settlers. California’s Gavin Newsom is going to save the world from an overheating climate by banning gas-powered leaf blowers and lawn mowers. Demi Lovato, whoever she is , says the term “Alien” is “Derogatory” Offensive to Extraterrestrials.” We should use “ETS” instead. At that point, I wondered if going back to bed and starting over would help.

Vice President Kamala Harris had some children over to her home at the Naval Observatory for a NASA Space Video, to tell them what a wonderful experience seeing the Space Video was going to be. Turns out the “children” were not just ordinary children learning about space, but child actors hired to be the children properly impressed with their upcoming experience. Sigh.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.

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“Dan Cooper” (not “D.B.” – that was a media error that stuck) hijacked a Northwest flight for $200,000 and two parachutes in the 70’s. He jumped from the plane over southwestern Washington state (near the Toutle River, not far from Mt. St. Helens).

True crime trivia buff wins the day!


Comment by Lon Mead

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