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TWO Million “Migrants” in 2021! by The Elephant's Child

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol is reporting a record of nearly two million “migrants” encountered so far in 2021. The newer thing is of course, that we now call them migrants rather than “illegal aliens”. Joe Biden has invited the population of Central America to come to the border and be admitted to the United States of America. I believe there is some statistical indication that illegal immigrants when made citizens able to vote, are inclined to vote Democrat. I don’t know if this is what Joe Biden has in mind or not.

From Cal Thomas, The Washington Times: “Illegal Immigration is destroying our country”

CBP to Report Record of Nearly 2 Million Migrants Encountered in 2021

Joe Biden has actually said that they will be located in “swing states” so they can eventually change the vote to be more favorable to Democrats. So at least, his intentions are quite clear.

It might go down a bit better with the American people if they were located where workers were especially needed, rather than where it’s hoped they will alter the vote, but perhaps that is expecting too much.

We have a system for people who want to come to America and become Americans. It’s not complicated. You go to the nearest American consulate or embassy and apply, and then you wait your turn. Not instantaneous, but legal. You get welcomed. We do appreciate it when people do it the legal way.

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