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What is Really Going On Out There? by The Elephant's Child
October 15, 2021, 6:47 pm
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Are you getting the feeling that Nothing is working? The goods we need for Christmas giving are sitting in cargo ships clustered offshore in most American ports unable to be unloaded because there are no workers to unload the ships. Apparently there is also a shortage of truck drivers to take the goods to wherever they are supposed to go. One article I saw said that they were teaching high school seniors how to drive trucks!

The border is a mess. Joe Biden has invited Central America and whoever else is out there to just come to our Southern Border and they will be allowed in to disappear into our vast country. They are beginning to sound a little less inviting, but keep releasing those who appear at the border into the United States. The numbers keep climbing.They made a lot of noise about how they were flying the Haitians back to Haiti, but that’s apparently not happening either. There used to be laws against hiring illegal aliens, but that made them cheap to hire because they had a hard time finding work.

The media has demonized the hard work the Border Patrol actually does with absurd claims of using the reins of their horses as whips, which is just the stupidity of those who have never been close to a horse with a Western saddle. The Border patrol saves a lot of lives, rescuing those who get lost in the border mountains, those who get swept away in the Rio Grade, which is a fair-sized river. Unaccompanied children are a huge problem. I guess they are supposed to find relatives who are already here

We get daily warnings of how prices are climbing, usually illustrated with the signs illustrating the cost of a gallon of gas, and now that winter is coming a little closer, warnings of the cost of heating our homes. It’s hard to know what are serious warnings of rising prices and what’s just reporters looking for attention. My faith in the press is in serious decline.

Lots of people still refusing to get a Covid vaccination. I can understand those who get their backs up at being ordered to get vaccinated, which seems to me to be a problem easily solved with more explanation of the disease, the dangers, the problems of a worldwide pandemic, but I don’t know if that is true or not.

Crime seems to be on the rise, overdose deaths are definitely on the rise, whether from the more ample supply of dangerous drugs from the Mexican cartels coming across the border, or just people using more because of the current economy. San Francisco has stores closing because of the uncontrolled shoplifting of anything and everything. Parents are upset with the curriculum of the schools their children attend and are raising hell at School Board meetings, which offends PTA’s because they are not sure that parents are entitled to decide what their children should be taught.

Yes. Apparently Nothing is Working! And what do we do about that? I have some ideas, but they have to wait for the next election.

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