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You Can’t Explain “Supply Chain Crisis” to Little Kids! by The Elephant's Child
October 18, 2021, 10:43 pm
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The massive “infrastructure” bill now being debated in Congress would do nothing to fix the supply chain crisis, and Americans are being told they are probably out of luck when it comes to buying Christmas gifts. Christmas trees are reportedly going to be in short supply, and our elites are having special concerns about what are girls’ toys and what are boys’ toys and is there gender suppression in how they are arranged on the store shelves.

Can I say politely that ideas of suppression of gender sensitivities has gotten a bit out of control? One’s gender is determined at birth when the obstetrician says “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl!”. That’s it. Case Closed. If you want to be something else, that’s what you need to work on. Kids don’t know very much, and consequently are susceptible to all sorts of goofy ideas. I’m old enough to recognize that all this gender sensitivity is something recent and new. But this does seem to be an era of “sensitivities”. When we have to start rearranging store shelves lest we offend someone, it has gone way too far.

Pete Buttigieg was previously mayor of (I think) South Bend, Indiana, Not highly ranked by the locals. He lost me when he drove to Washington D.C. to accept his new job at the Transportation Department offices, and parked in a distant parking lot, and got his bike out of the car, so he could be seen arriving at his new job on a bicycle, which would show the proper sensitivity for the underdogs in the transportation field? We do want our representatives in the government to show some concern for the American people, but that seems to be carrying it a bit too far. Mr. Buttigieg is gay, married to his partner, and they have recently adopted premature twins, which is why he was on “parental leave” when he needed to be tending to the cargo crisis, and let his partner cope with the babies. There are lots of nurses for hire if needed.

Rich Lowry addressed the U.S. Supply Chain at National Review. He said: “if there is one universally recognized principle in American political life, it’s that the president of the United States should want Christmas to come off without a hitch.” Which is probably correct. We just had Anthony Fauci backing off from his comment that it was perhaps too early to say whether people should gather for the holiday.

At least one California High School is teaching it’s seniors how to drive a truck. But the problem is unloading the ships. I don’t know any more than that. We will see just how our “ruling class” resolves this crisis. Newly minted truck driving high school seniors does not fill me with confidence. But then I don’t expect any of my Christmas gifts to be arriving by cargo ship anyway.

What we miss in the photo is a conception of size. Those “shipping containers” are what they are trying to turn into housing for the homeless, and perhaps for the rest of us as well.

Kamala Harris was warning in August “if you want to have Christmas toys for your children, it might be time to buy them because the delay might be many months” so this was apparently expected. The only thing the President has done is to keep the port of Los Angeles open 24/7 which may help but is not going to be a game changer. I don/t have any little kids in the family, so toys are not a problem for me, but those who do have my sympathy.

This is Pete Buttigieg’s job. You can’t explain “supply chain” to little kids.

Moody’s Economist: Biden’s Inflation is Costing Average Americans an Extra $175 a month.

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