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Supply Chain Problems! Are There Any Solutions? by The Elephant's Child
October 21, 2021, 10:45 am
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Joe Biden’s fix for the Supply Chain Crisis is not working. He ordered the ports kept open for longer hours, but that was not the problem. The problem is and has been manpower to unload the ships, and for whatever reason that has just not been available. Next attempt will probably be to call out the National Guard to unload. That seems to be what is left. President Biden’s approval ratings shrink to new lows every day, and the “Brandon” song is leading on the charts. He is now flying planeloads of illegals to New York City every night. I have no idea what that is supposed to accomplish, a bigger city to hide them in? New York City does not need more illegals, particularly unvaccinated ones. Whoever is thinking up solutions for the Biden Administration needs to be fired. The American people need to have some kind of confidence in their president.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security, has tested positive for Covid, so he will be out of commission, hopefully to recover quickly. There seems to still be a vast fear of getting vaccinated. I think there’s some Trump Derangement Syndrome involved, and there are those who are angry about Mandates, but I really don’t understand the avoidance or reluctance. We’re trying to find out where to get our boosters. It is a worldwide pandemic, a lot of people have died, one would think people would not want to die from it, and be happy to contribute to defeating the disease. Does the fact that people keep calling it “a jab”play a part? Certainly I’d rather have a vaccination than a “jab”, but that as an objection would be silly.

Apparently lots of people are quitting their jobs because of the mandates to get vaccinated. I want a booster, and a flu shot. The federal government has not done nearly enough explaining the problems, and way too much mandating without explanation. From what I read online, there are lots of people who simply don’t know who they can trust or who to turn to for advice. All the fuss about Dr. Fauci has not helped. I have not seen numbers on how much of the population is computerized, and has access to the news that I take for granted. As I grew up very rural, I’m well aware of how long it can take for new technologies to reach rural areas. We produced our own electricity for many years before we actually got Idaho Power. We had a refrigeration plant, but we also had an icehouse and put up ice in the winter, which was a big event. That was so normal to me that I seldom realize how very strange it must be to city people.

Our nearest town was 9 miles away. There was a small grocery, post office, and gas station about 4 miles down the road. For many years we had our own gas station and post office. The train, which we called “The Galloping Goose” was a diesel affair with an engine, large passenger compartment and a mail car came up every day, often carrying swimmers and fishermen who would get off and swim or fish as was the case, and then catch the train back on it’s return trip to wherever they came from.

If you are interested in rural America, you might enjoy the books of John McPhee, starting with Coming In to the Country.

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