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This Illustrates Joe Biden’s Supply Chain “Fix!” by The Elephant's Child
November 5, 2021, 3:48 pm
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The green shapes are giant container ships with no one in the ports to unload them. Dunno what the red shapes are, but apparently nothing helpful. This is President Biden’s “Fix.” The Ports are more clogged now than before Biden took action. What’s scary is the vast number of ships waiting to try to reach a dock, where there is still no one to unload them.

Kinda reminds one of the infiltration of the southern border. Some California high schools have introduced truck-driving classes, it is reported, for their seniors. Another Epic Fail for the Biden Administration. Surely there is someone there who knows what they are doing, but apparently not.

There are rules for driver age and licensing, Rules for drivers who may service the ports. Doesn’t look like a situation that’s going to get solved any time soon. There are people who are trained and can wade into a situation like this and straighten it out in short order, but they are probably all in the military.

This seems to fall right in line with Joe Biden’s other “fixes”. Surely there is someone around there who knows what they are doing! But that may be asking too much.

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Comment by muunyayo

If foreign ports are far more efficient loading than we are unloading then that means naturally we need to look at why that is. Biden dictating a 24/7 operation is not going to cut it.
It’s too late now for the holidays we are far behind the curve.

Take a gander at the Afghanistan pullout to see this administrations competency …almost everyone has forgotten about that debacle and we are doing things like a “infrastructure” bill that has little to do with infrastructure.

Next up is another farce called “Build back better” which is not build back better it is “Make America Bankrupt” all of this
is by design , most delicious is Buttigeg’s Paternity leave kickstarting this supply chain disaster off.


Comment by ronspins81

There’s always an American smart entrepreneur ready to take advantage. Joe Biden stickers “I DID THAT” are now widely available online and inexpensive. I love American ingenuity!


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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