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Take the Covid Virus Seriously, Please! by The Elephant's Child
November 11, 2021, 11:52 am
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You might want to look up the 1918 flu epidemic at the end of the First World War. Average life expectancy fell by a full 12 years.

There are reports of big numbers of people quitting their jobs if they are forced to get a vaccine shot. I don’t get it. It took a while for effective vaccine shots to be widely available. We got ours at a big event put on by the two big hospitals on the east side on the Microsoft campus, with a cast of thousands. Very efficient. and worked well for there was plenty of parking and easy access. Still constant advertisements online for how important it is to get your vaccination. Both for you and your family, but for all the people you come in contact with. It was hard for a while to find a locale to get the vaccinations, but soon drive-thru events started happening.

I’ve found that most service and repair people whose business forces them to interact with the public are fully vaccinated. But there are all sorts of “resistors” out there, and that I do not understand. The Covid virus wants to be a worldwide epidemic. The federal government and the Center for Disease Control want us all vaccinated. The vaccines have been carefully tested for safety and efficacy by the CDC and the best medical authorities and passed any tests with flying colors. Kids have had to have a round of vaccines before they start school, for years.. Most of us, I believe, get a flu shot every year, at least all my doctors have ordered it, haven’t yours? .

In America, our best authority is the Center For Disease Control (the CDC), and we can rely on them. If they okay a vaccine, as they have, then the vaccine can be trusted as the best available solution to prevent a worldwide infection.. If you have not been vaccinated, you may be a carrier without realizing it. If you are, for some reason, afraid of the vaccine, go to the CDC;gov and study up, please. than half the unvaccinated in Dallas say that nothing will change their minds. Thanks a lot! Uninformed and unwilling, apparently, to become informed. Very sad.


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Problem is that the virus is political.
The left used the virus to defeat President Trump.
Fauci has been wrong about everything.
Florida now is having half of the new cases as California which has mandates galore.
Biden’s vaccine mandate is unconstitutional.
The covid-19 virus was engineered in China using Nano Tools and unleashed on the world (probably on purpose).

Still yet the virus is just a supercharged seasonal flu that is nothing to panic over.
The virus is a launching point for “The great Reset”.
Prepare to lockdown now for “supercolds” “the seasonal flu”
“global warming” when your authoritarian masters tell you to “for your safety” even though it is for power.

Prepare for greater shortages and $8.00 gas because it
“Is a good thing” .

I’m confused: mask or no mask?

To be vaccinated is a personal thing between you and your
An abortion is a personal choice but the government thinks it
can force a injection of a vaccine which now they realize has a low efficacy.
Masks do very little , those stupid plexiglass shields at the store do very little , the vaccine does very little you can still contract the virus and spread it with 2 shots and a booster.

History will show that the epidemic and then the pandemic it was all political ….for your safety…but really for POWER.


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