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As I Was Saying… by The Elephant's Child
November 27, 2021, 8:28 pm
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Business Insider magazine: “Electric vehicles won’t save us– We need to get rid of cars completely!
“Making transit available within a 10 minute walk of people’s homes would not only encourage its use and create tens of millions of jobs, but could begin to transform our relationship to mobility. ..There was a moment during the pandemic where it felt that change was not only possible, but was happening in front of our very eyes. Streets were closed to vehicles so people had space to move, and t6emporary bike lanes were thrown up to encourage cycling”. ….”We should seize this opportunity to challenge the past century of auto-oriented planning and emphasize walking, cycling, and transit use over driving. Not only would people’s quality of life improve, but if we’re serious about taking on the climate crisis, we need to significantly reduce the number of cars and SUVs on the road–regardless of what powers them.”

So there you go! Always immediately someone there with a solution! All that progress from having to get out the horse and buggy, which involved a barn, hay, learning how to drive a buggy, and not being able to go very far. So eventually we were able to just have a garage and mobility, able to zip around and do all sorts of errands and have time for the rest of life, and we can solve everything by transforming our relationship to mobility! Always some idiot with no understanding of history, reality, or the complications of life, ready with a “perfect” solution. And here I thought we were still waiting on our individual little flight machines to zip us off to Nordstorm or the grocery store with all those packages to bring home. Who knew?

Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang said: “Climate Change May Require Elimination of Car Ownership – Suggests ‘constant roving fleet of electric cars’– “We might not own our own cars.” UK funded 2019 report ‘Absolute Zero’ urged climate lockdowns: ‘Stop flying…no new roads, airport closures…stop eating beef & lamb…stop doing anything that causes emissions’ – Regulate CO2 similar to ‘asbestos’.”

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My guess is that you in fact to old to ever see the things you warn us and fear from ever happening


Comment by John

The Luddites want everyone to stay put, do what they are told and heat their homes with only EPA approved wood stoves.


Comment by dscott8186

You know the irony of academic city dwellers telling everyone to live like them couped up in little apartments stacked like cord word depending on mass transit to ferry them around is that their lifestyle is totally unsustainable. City dwellers use more power per capita due to their compact shared living than country folk. Let the power go out for a week and see what happens. Their vision of the future is a dystopian version of the “Divergent Series”.

The pandemic exposed daily mass transit to be a super spreader event. Even the liberal rank and file recognize this by their own mass exodus from the cities. Then there is the rampant crime…


Comment by dscott8186

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