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“I Did That” Stickers Are Going Up All Over, Even if Biden Refuses Responsibility! by The Elephant's Child
November 29, 2021, 7:15 pm
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You do understand, of course, that nothing is ever Joe Biden’s fault. According to Breitbart, President Biden is planning to blame businesses for inflation and higher prices, accusing them of making record profits. He has already blamed meat processors for higher prices on meat, and blamed oil companies for the rise in gasoline prices.

Those “I Did That” stickers may have come along just at the right time. They are appearing on more gas pumps around the nation all the time. Mr. Biden’s approval rating is now down to 37.8 percent in the latest USA Today/Suffolk University poll. Oddly enough, disapproval, stickers, poll numbers, and complaints don’t seem to result in any serious consideration, or even the vaguest thought of doing anything differently by this administration.

Sometime early in the Biden administration, President Biden appeared with a ice cream cone, and people rushed to tell him what a good symbol it was. He took it right to heart, because he claimed that he really liked ice cream, and now, in a very large percentage of his photographs, he is eating an ice cream cone. One might think he would be gaining weight like mad, but he doesn’t seem to be. Maybe he just eats them for the camera, and discards the rest? No criticism, I just think it’s funny.

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