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Just What Is A “Crime Wave”? Is it Real? by The Elephant's Child
December 8, 2021, 9:54 pm
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I have often wondered just how much “copycat crime” is out there. For example, a Nordstrom store in Walnut Creek, California (Just across the bay from San Francisco) was vandalized or looted. I have shopped in that store. Looters just walked into the store, helped themselves to whatever merchandise they liked and walked out without paying. Quite deliberate. And that successful looting apparently led to the looting of other Nordstrom stores, in a copycat effort.

Store clerks are not prepared to deal with that sort of crime, nor prepared to immediately call the police. (which is probably the reason for the whole thing.) That “successful” looting led to other Nordstrom stores being attacked and other high-end stores being looted.

How does that work? Would-be criminals say, oh look at all the stuff they got away with, lets go loot another store? Do potential criminals keep an eye out for potential crimes they can get away with? Will mowing down crowds with automobiles as in Kenosha become the new thing? I was brought up with the expectation that I would obey the law, which I mostly have done, with the possible exception of speed limits. But I assume that I am not alone in that.

High end stores will not go long without prompt methods of ending the possibility of that kind of looting, and the cost of their goods will rise to cover the additional cost of security.

Is this what “crime waves” are all about? People with low morals imitating other people with low morals? Is it the illusion that they can get away with it? Trading a few high end articles of clothing for a long sentence in prison?

I assume that everyone has at some time wanted things that they could not afford. Or, for that matter, wanted to avoid having to pay for something that they got. AOC just announced that she wanted the federal government to pay her $17,000 student loan costs. She doesn’t want to have to make payments on her student loans with her $175,000 a year congressional salary. Poor thing. How do we end up with such ignoramuses representing us in Congress?

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