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Another International Panic Bites the Dust! by The Elephant's Child
December 16, 2021, 12:47 am
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There has arisen a general panic about the climate. It seems to have arisen because climate “models” were showing an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Well, what’s a :”climate model”? and why is that a big deal?

The mercury thermometer was invented by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit.. He was a German physicist who developed the mercury thermometer in 1714 . In 1924 the standard temperature that bears his name– the Fahrenheit scale– that was used to record changes in temperature in an accurate fashion. The Fahrenheit scale divided the freezing and boiling points of water into 180 degrees; 32 degrees was the freezing point of water and 212 degrees was the boiling point. Zero degrees was based on the temperature of an equal mixture of water, ice, and salt. Fahrenheit based his temperature scale on the temperature of the human body. Originally, the human body temperature was 100 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale, but it has since been adjusted to 98.6 degrees. (From ThoughtCo.)

Once everybody got all excited about “climate” the federal government began offering “grants” to University Science Departments, which meant more equipment, attention, prestige, etc.) so university science departments were eager to develop computer “models”. They put in what they knew for sure about the climate, and what they thought was probably correct, and some intelligent guesswork, and were ready to receive federal gifts and share their “models.”

The big worry seemed to be the increase in the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. You have undoubtedly noticed all the big Climate extravaganza meetings, the latest in Northern Scotland, where anybody who was anybody jetted in on their private jets, contributing more CO2 to the atmosphere than seemed possible.

Well, CO2 is plant food. Makes crops and forests grow more lavishly. Australia wrote up their fabulously successful harvest for the International Press. Even Afghanistan, in the midst of their wars, was bragging about their successful crop yields.

After the last big Davos meeting, where everybody who was rich and famous jetted in, Christiana Figueres, the General Secretary of the IPCC at the time held a press conference to explain to the world’s news people that “The real goal of the Climate Panic was to rid the world of”hated Capitalism”. Oddly, many Americans are rather fond of Capitalism. But in this particular time and age, we get some pretty peculiar pronouncements in the news. So there you go.

Essentially, it’s all phony. Our climate is controlled by the action of our sun. Carbon Dioxide is a natural fertilizer for plants. Nurseries pump extra CO2 into their greenhouses to help grow their plants and make them lush and strong. We have evidence from all over the world, but unfortunately, the media is not doing their homework.

NASA has just sent up a satellite to explore for the first time, the corona of our sun. What all we learned is not yet clear, but the results will undoubtedly turn up fairly soon. So a “panic”turns up surprising information. Not sure if it’s a good thing or not, but that’s the way our system works. Things happen, the media will do their thing, everybody will comment, and somehow we arrive at a general consensus and go on to the next big thing. Is this progress?

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