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Can We Possibly Pay More Attention to What is Actually Important? by The Elephant's Child
January 27, 2022, 6:05 pm
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Headline at Breitbart: “JOE BIDEN VOWS TO NOMINATE BLACK WOMAN TO SUPREME COURT BEFORE END OF FEBRUARY”. This is so wrong! You nominate someone to the Supreme Court for their superior legal knowledge, their excellent experience as a judge, their unusually fine legal judgment, their reputation for a balanced mind, that sort of thing. Joe Biden is trying to get “Brownie Points” for himself, not try to do the best for the Court and the Country. If the best legal mind you can find is a black woman, fine. Or a woman of Asian heritage. Or Why a woman? What earthly difference does their sex make?

Do you think the person being sentenced cares in the slightest whether his judge is a man or a woman? We can probably blame these distinctions on the media, who like to find distinctions to call out, for click bait. Way too much emphasis on race, color, sex and not nearly enough of what is actually important.

ADDENDUM: A majority of voters, according to a Rasmussen Poll,”Do not think Supreme Court justices who are tasked with a lifetime of knowing and upholding the U.S. Constitution, should be selected based on immutable characteristics like race and gender.”

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And the thing is, the two jurists that are mentioned as the frontrunners (Ketanji Brown Jackson, of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, and Leondra Kruger, of the California State Supreme Court) are, by all accounts, very capable judges… liberal, of course, but neither is seen as very different in ideological terms from Breyer. But, because Ol’ Slow Joe does everything in such an unsubtle and ham-fisted manner, whichever one is chosen is going to start her career on the high court with the stigma that the only reason she was chosen (whatever her legitimate qualifications) was for the irrelevant reason of her skin color and gender.

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