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Telling People Just What to Do Presents Some Special Problems by The Elephant's Child
February 12, 2022, 11:52 pm
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The basic assumption of Communism seems to be that they get to tell everybody what to do. When everybody is behaving properly there will be harmony and so on and so forth. What is drastically different is the freedoms of the free world. In the free world you can never tell what the next person is going to do. How can you have a perfect world if nobody is under control?

In China, they got worried about overpopulation. You have to be able to feed all the people, or you get in very real trouble. China reached a point where they began to really worry about being able to feed all of their people. So they put limits on how many children people could have. Like One! That would take care of the population problem. They arranged nice abortion services for those who accidentally got out of line and had more than one pregnancy. Well, if they could have only one child, most couples wanted a boy, because males could work, find better jobs, earn more money, Take care of their parents in their old age, and handy abortion services were available to control that, so China ended up with 34 million more men than women. I read this some time back. so it may be even worse now, but that is 34 million men who will never find wives, or girl friends. Probably very helpful for the prostitution industry, But!

Is that why China seems interested in invading Taiwan? Does it make a nation more military? Do you need some nice wars to keep men busy? Having a nation of free people lets them sort things out for themselves, and you just don’t run into that kind of problem, but central planning does cause some rather special problems.

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The 2022 Index of Economic Freedom

The US has dropped to #25.


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Thanks! Unpleasant information, but valuable!


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