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As The World Turns, or Does It? by The Elephant's Child
February 16, 2022, 1:00 am
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Democrats are aware of how deeply unpopular President Biden has become. How could they not be? So when Democrats were thinking about the next election coming up, they had intended to turn to Hillary. But now John Durham’s revelations about Hillary’s attempts to tarnish President Trump with “Russian Collusion” and the Clinton campaign actually inserting spies into the Trump White House, have led many to reject any Clinton candidacy. Whether there will be any charges against Hillary seems dubious. But then who is to replace the deeply unpopular Joe Biden? Vice President Kamala Harris is almost as unpopular as Joe Biden. She has continuously been put in charge of things that just haven’t happened. I’m sure there are some outstanding Democrats, but I just can’t think of any at the moment.

Did you know that the first call for President Donald Trump’s impeachment came on the day of his inauguration? That tells us a great deal about “Trump Derangement Syndrome”.

Donald Trump was a pretty good president. The first sign of Covid appeared in a nursing home a few miles north of my house, and President Trump halted all flights from China immediately, and any arrivals from China.. That simple act undoubtedly saved hundreds of lives, and “Operation Warp Speed” to develop a vaccine saved many, many more lives, and an effective vaccine appeared, way sooner than anyone thought possible. If you look into the history of past pandemics, we haven’t done too badly. Probably the biggest failure was information. Which is always the case. We needed to explain, then explain again, and then explain some more. We had mayors and governors, with the best of intentions, putting sick people into nursing home, where they infected many more. We had many people getting outraged at “mandates” without any understanding of the reasons for and use of “mandates,”and what was trying to be accomplished.

Some people get their information from television, some from newspapers and magazines, some online. Reporters have discovered that people are more apt to click on their stories if they come from someone whose name is recognized. (A celebrity.) But the fact that their name is recognized does not also mean that what they have to say is of any use whatsoever. I can think of quite a few “celebrities” who I consider to be massively ignorant, and I’ll bet you do too. We pick out people whose commentary we like, and reject others that we don’t like, but on what basis? That is, I guess. why we have “Think Tanks” like Heritage, The American Enterprise Institute, The Manhattan Institute, and many others, where scholars with good minds are supported while they try to think and study seriously about our most difficult challenges. Many Universities have similar outreach and their conferences and magazines and papers are invaluable I visit a list of 20 regular websites every day, including think tanks, and it changes regularly. It is not easy to be well informed, but that struggle is important. How has the list of those you take the most care to listen to changed over the years? And how has your understanding of the world changed? And how has the list of people you really listen to changed? Changing is important, but improving is the qualifying idea.

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Hey, wasn’t Russia supposed to attack Ukraine today? Or was that yesterday?

Biden is wagging the dog. Next he’ll claim war was averted…due to his genius.

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Comment by dscott8186

Ukraine: We’re Not Worried About Invasion Because Russia Has Been Invading Us for Eight Years

IMO, Putin has been trolling Biden with the military buildup to make Biden look like a fool and it seems a whole lot of other people and organizations/ agencies were suckered as well. Remember how Sadam Hussein fooled the CIA regarding WMD?

Time will tell if I’m wrong. IMO, the real Russian agenda here is to discredit American leadership to world leaders and US citizens. Shaking faith in the US government is far more devastating and valuable to Putin than Ukrainian territory. Democrats started it in earnest with the Russia hoax against Trump and Putin continued the narrative he was handed.


Comment by dscott8186

Putin just formalized what he started when Obama/Biden were in office. It appears the troop massing was to prevent Ukraine from stopping it. At this point Ukraine has to invade to take back its territory that Obama ceded to Russia in other words fight a war with Russia. The nation’s village idiot, Joe Biden was played.

All of this was made possible because Biden’s entire policy was doing the opposite of Trump. Killing the pipelines and opposing drilling on federal lands caused energy supply constraints which in turn drove up the cost of oil worldwide. The village idiot (Junta) didn’t consider that oil is fungible. Really! No one on War gamed this likely outcome?

Russia at that point was given leverage over Europe and gave them the financial footing with China who literally could consume Russia’s entire oil and gas output. For 4 years Putin did nothing while Trump was in office because of the price of oil and natural gas. The Chinese want cheap energy and who now can guarantee that? The village idiot and his greedy self serving eco loon advisors want expensive energy for their scam eco friendly solar and wind profiteering. $7 gasoline here we come.

Impeach Joe Biden for gross incompetence.


Comment by dscott8186

Well, it seems Putin has pulled the trigger. The invasion of Ukraine has begun. So now what?

Fill your gas tanks. Stock up your pantry.


Comment by dscott8186

I have NO confidence in President Biden being able to deal with this. Putin is observing the potential American response, and consequently going right ahead with it. But then I have no confidence in Biden even being able to handle a trucker convoy.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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