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We’re About to Get Our Own Trucker Caravan! by The Elephant's Child
February 23, 2022, 12:27 am
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I was very troubled by the reaction of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the Canadian trucker;s demonstration. I found his reaction outrageous. Always thought of Canada as those other free people to the north, and understood their allegiance to the British Queen. We fought a war to dissolve our relation with England, the Canadians didn’t. Free people have the right to protest against government actions they do not like. The government is there at their pleasure, and if that government gets too far out of line, they can and will be replaced, That goes for our elected representatives as well.

Seems to me that if you decide to get into politics and want to be elected to office, part of the deal is that some others might not like you and might vote against you. They might even protest, as they are entitled to do, and that goes along with trying to get into politics. Part of the deal.

I have lots of complaints about the journalistic profession. They are way too tied up with “click bait” that is, on the verbal side, tying their stories to what a celebrity said, if not a well-known politician, a movie personality. On the visual side, preferably a movie personality in a revealing bikini. and the more revealing the better. I don’t want to hear from any movie personalities, not ever. No interest in or respect for the work of their minds. Not interested in their love lives, their children their houses their fashions or their doings. If they make a movie that tells an interesting story that transports you for a while, I may pay to go see it. but I am not ever interested in the work of their minds. Sorry. Maybe if I were a guy, I would care about the bikini shots.

Free people with an elected government have the right to protest, and their government has the obligation to hear and truly listen, or they will need to find another occupation. Trying to punish them for protesting is way out of line. I am just reading in the news that the Canadians have confiscated some of the truckers vehicles, and now they are going to sell them! Well, so much for that “free country” to the north of us!

If the people do not like your “mandates” perhaps there is something wrong with your mandates. Why are you ordering people around? Can you not just explain what it is you want the people to do, and explain why you want them to do it? Can you not explain our experience with diseases that have become pandemics? The death toll involved, and why you are trying to save lives by getting everybody vaccinated quickly? If you have explained once, and people don’t seem to get it, perhaps you need to explain again in better chosen words, or with someone better informed to speak.

Well, we’re about to have our own trucker caravan heading for Washington D.C. starting tomorrow from somewhere in California. I don’t know how many trucks are involved, but more will undoubtedly join in as they head across the country. One event like this spawns further imitations, as more people want to become involved in standing up for what they consider to be their rights. People who wouldn’t make a sign and carry it to Washington D.C. to protest are willing to join others in a large protest.

So what will happen with our own trucker caravan? We’ll see. as it plays out pn the trip across the country, and in the reaction to it, from the people and from the politicians. You might want to pay close attention, so the spin doctors can’t confuse you. Believe your own eyes and your own brain!

ADDENDUM: Defense Secretary LLoyd Austin has approved up to 700 National Guard Troops to accompany the trucker convoy. Maj. Gen. Sherrie McCandless DCNG commanding general said
“the people who live work and visit the District are part of our community. and their safety is our first mission priority. Our MMPD and USCP have asked for our help in ensuring people can demonstrate peacefully and safely and we stand ready to assist. “

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Canadians are not like Americans and as a result 54% disagree with the truckers and we shouldn’t be surprised that Parilment voted in favor of the emergency declaration. Trudeau is Premier for a reason, Canadians are more liberal or center left than Americans.

Canadians will have to learn the hard way that socialism leads to a loss of freedom. They are on their own. BTW its easy in the short run to be socialist when your neighbor financially supports you with a trade surplus during the good times. Just see what happens in our up coming recession. It will suck to be them.


Comment by dscott8186

Depends. Not many are going to agree with the truckers when they are driving through their streets steadily honking. On the other hand, when what the Ottawa government is doing in confiscating trucks, and now planning to sell them? Classic wisdom: “depends on whose ox is getting gored.” That is going way too far.People have a right to protest. Wise government listens and responds thoughtfully, recognizing that they are there as a result of the the will of the people, and can be removed in disgrace.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

The dynamic now has changed with the invasion. There are bigger fish to fry. The mandate issue is now moot.


Comment by dscott8186

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