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Hollywood, and It’s Place in World Information. by The Elephant's Child
March 27, 2022, 5:10 pm
Filed under: Politics

Apparently the Academy Awards are today. Unfortunately, I will miss them, as I do every year. Sorry, no interest whatsoever. Sean Penn, who is, I guess, an actor, announced to the world that he will boycott the Academy Awards today if Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky isn’t a part of the award show program. Zelensky was an actor and comedian before he became President of the Ukraine, so there is some kind of vague connection there, I guess. Some people do get overblown ideas of their own importance. I refer to Mr. Penn rather than Mr. Zelensky.

It’s all about the world wheat crop.. Russia represents 18% of the world wheat supply, the U.S. 16%, Canada 14%, France 10 % Ukraine 7%. The Ukraine is the world’s 5th largest exporter, with 7% of sales and $22 billion worth of exports, according to a quick search on the internet. I was curious about the wheat supply. I’m afraid I didn’t know who Sean Penn is. The more the media hype “celebrities” the less interest I have in their reporting. “Click Bait” I guess.

Reporting on Russia/ Ukraine wheat supplies is all over the map, and it’s hard to get anything accurate and dependable.

The more Hollywood “celebrities” mouth off about their political opinions, the fewer movies I see, and the less I rely on journalists who try to include a “celebrity” to garner readers. If i wanted “movie star” opinion, I would buy a movie magazine, which I don’t even read in the beauty shop when I’m getting my hair cut.

Movies were about getting caught up in a story in which with a large screen in front of you, your became a participant in something that could never happen to you in real life. A storybook romance, another century or time, a scary spy story, a future space war. Escaping temporarily from the ordeals of everyday life, you joined the actors up on the screen in an impossible adventure. Star Wars, Gone With the Wind. The Hobbit. What are your most memorable movie experiences? Are they what Hollywood thinks they are? I had an aunt who at one time worked at Warner Brothers, and I got to visit the studio and watch bits of a movie being made. That removed a good bit of the magic fairly permanently. Still, has there often been anything as magical as the opening of Star Wars?

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