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Do You Want an Electric Car? by The Elephant's Child
March 31, 2022, 9:09 pm
Filed under: Politics

Joe Biden seems vaguely aware that Americans are not happy with the climbing price of gasoline. Unfortunately, his answer for their displeasure is to tell us to buy an electric car

. Unfortunately his answer is absurd. People do not have any desire to buy electric cars, the country is not equipped for everybody to have electric cars, and they are unnecessary. We have plenty of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels do not damage the environment. The environment is controlled by the action of our sun, not by our car exhausts. Carbon Dioxide, is not a poison gas, but actually plant food. Nurseries pump excess CO2 into their greenhouses to make their plants grow taller and stronger.

The climbing price of a gallon of gas at the pump is the result of Joe Biden’s efforts to shut down pipelines and shut down drilling because of his mistaken notions of shutting down fossil fuels because he thinks they cause climate change. The climate of the Earth is controlled by the action of our sun. And the sun is just fine.

The gas stations of our country are not prepared to charge up all of our traffic. Are there places to plug in on the many miles of roads with few gas stations? I suspect that many gas station owners are unprepared to supply electric charging for the few people who now have electric cars, but don’t know that. The parking garages in the largest shopping centers may have a place to recharge, but a good portion of gas stations are fully unprepared. and since there is no real shortage of fossil fuels, not exactly ready to switch over. I come from a rural part of the country where gas stations are not available every few city blocks, and towns may be long distances apart. Where I grew up, it was nine miles to the nearest town. Many of the ranchers had their own tanks rather than depend on distant gas stations. I suspect that is true for most of the country.

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