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Seven Hundred and Fifty-six Thousand Illegal Border Crossers Released By Joe Biden Into the United States of America Since Taking Office! by The Elephant's Child
April 16, 2022, 6:20 pm
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Why? I have no idea.

I have not heard nor read of any complaints that America is underpopulated. Does he expect them all to become Democrat voters in gratitude? Seems to me that one could expect those who apply properly, wait their turn, and are anxious to become citizens would be more advantageous to the country than illegal border crossers who are breaking the law right from the start. Seven hundred and fifty six thousand illegals. We do not have a shortage of people to fill the low paying jobs, nor the higher paying either. I don’t know what he hopes to gain by increasing the population from the bottom with less education, fewer skills. Is one supposed to assume that they are somehow deserving of more sympathy because they choose to sneak in illegally?

If I want to welcome people who want to come to America as my ancestors did, for a better life in a new country I believe in, they would NOT be illegal border crossers. That act suggests that they aren’t much concerned with following the law, which doesn’t suggest that they will become good citizens nor good additions to the country. Presidents are elected to do their best to improve the country, not bring it down.

But then I don’t understand why Biden has been so intent on getting the price of gas up. I guess he must actually believe that “global warming” is a real problem, caused by an excess of CO2 in the atmosphere, which it is not! CO2 is not a poisons gas, but a natural plant food. Nurseries pump extra CO2 into their greenhouses to make their plants grow stronger and taller. Australia has written articles for the international press, extolling their bountiful crops this year, which can be blamed on a slight increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. A blessing from our sun, which controls the atmosphere of earth. And the sun seems to be just fine, shining benignly down on us all.

The reports from our scientists pass through many hands before they actually reach us, unless we are carefully going to the source, which we mostly are not. Surprising, in a way, that we ever get anything correctly understood. It’s a complicated world.

ADDENDUM: I suspect that many of us thinking about the border, have not carefully looked at a map. Our border with Mexico consists almost entirely of the State of Texas. There’s Arizona too, but that border is mostly inhospitable desert, but Texas abuts Mexico all down one side. California has a small border with Mexico, but it is short, and unwelcoming, except in good sized cities. so Texas gets the brunt of it all, which is undoubtedly why Texas Governor Abbott sent a few busloads of illegals up to Washington DC for the Federal Government to deal with. They didn’t seem to be getting the picture.

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One possible reason might be which is both supported by RINO’s and Dems: Social Security solvency.

Based on our best estimates, the 2021 reports show:

• The Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) Trust Fund, which pays retirement and survivors benefits, will be able to pay scheduled benefits on a timely basis until 2033, one year earlier than reported last year. At that time, the fund’s reserves will become depleted and continuing tax income will be sufficient to pay 76 percent of scheduled benefits.

At this time, illegal aliens will never collect retirement benefits, and green card holders must accumulate the minimum 40 quarters (credits) or 10 years, one credit for each $1,510 of covered earnings, up to the maximum of four credits per year.

This means any monies they contribute via SS taxes from the employees and employers is a net positive to the solvency of the house of cards. By the time Biden leaves office some 30 million people will have walked across the border. They have to work…

IMO, its a scam by politicians to avoid the hard real decisions that need to be made. They haven’t forgotten what happened to Rep. Rostenkowski by seniors rocking his limo.

FYI – inflation also helps the trust fund since rising wages translates to rising tax revenues. Sucks for those now receiving benefits.


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