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Here is the Ubiquitous American Coyote by The Elephant's Child
April 25, 2022, 12:38 am
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Here is the ubiquitous coyote. Common all over the west Related to wolves, but not as big. They range up to Alaska, and far down into Mexico. Their historical range prior to 1700 was limited to the prairies of North America, but has expanded to include most of the United States. Surprisingly they can be found in many cities. They may howl, but I’ve never heard one, but they yip a lot. In urban areas they keep the rodent and rabbit populations down, and also Canada geese. They generally avoid trash. They are exposed to a usual range of diseases, but none seem to pose a serious human health risk. Heard lots of them, growing up, but never saw one at all.

I live on the side of a hill in a Seattle suburb. In the valley below is a golf course with a stream, and we can occasionally hear coyotes at night ranging round on the golf course. About four blocks down the street, we have a big patch of woods with trails, and there are coyotes around, though I’ve never seen one.

At home in Idaho, one could hear coyotes in the evening and at night. Still, never saw one, not even out riding on trails in the adjacent National Forest. They eat berries and some plants as well. I don’t know what they do in areas like ours where the snow gets deep (4′ -5′) in the winter. Possibly move on down to lower country. The deer move down to the Snake River drainage., so probably the coyotes do as well. Mating takes place early in the year, and litters range from four to seven pups. The largest that was found was 11 pups. Most common cause of death is getting hit by a car. In the wild coyotes may die before they reach three or four. In captivity they can live 13 to 15 years. They can live in packs, or as solitary animals.

I suspect that we have far more local coyotes than we realize.

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I live in the Toledo Ohio area and they are fairly common here. We see coyotes every month or so, so taking into account how they avoid people, there must be a sizable population of them here.


Comment by Keith Flick

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