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The BIG Issue of the Day Has been Abortion by The Elephant's Child
May 15, 2022, 9:20 pm
Filed under: Politics

Apparently, not that most women want to have an abortion, but they want the possibility there in case they make a mistake. A Safety Net Granted. Having a baby is a fairly long-term commitment. Say 18 years, or 21 until they are fully grow, and on their own. So the circumstances of the sex act are especially important. Unfortunate dalliance, or intended, finding oneself pregnant, unprepared for permanence is a very big deal indeed. And certainly there are a significant amount of sex acts outside of marriage going on out there. Parents urge their children to refrain until they are safely married, have worked for a while that sort of thing, which of course falls on a significant number of deaf ears.

The uproar has been about the leaked Supreme Court conversation about revisiting Roe v. Wade. The reaction from large numbers of women is “Keep your hands and your laws off my body”. Women do not want to be forced by law to carry a child to full term when they didn’t want a child in the first place.

There are a remarkable fourteen ways of preventing pregnancy from a sex act, not including just “The Pill”. Requires some straightforward actions on the part of the woman to make sure that she will not become pregnant. Apparently most women do not want to trust their own actions, but to have it all made easy for them. The Bad Guys in this situation are anyone trying to keep them from getting an abortion or making abortion illegal. Women assume that abortions are more readily available elsewhere. but this is not the case. Europe is much more restrictive, and in many places unavailable. Canada’s laws are similar to our own, though I don’t know just how similar, nor what their restrictions are. Much of Central America is Catholic, as is much of South America. The United States is actually one of the easiest places in the world in which to get an abortion, and in many countries, you’re just out of luck.

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