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We Have Much in Common With People From Other Countries, But Also Stark Differences! by The Elephant's Child
May 23, 2022, 8:02 pm
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Would someone please tell President Biden that just because there is trouble in some nation in the world, it is not necessary to invite the population of the “troubled” country to come to America? They need to fix their own problems, and the United States is not here as a home for the discontented of the rest of the world. Fix your own country. Our Constitution is widely available as a demonstration of what works. We have had pretty open doors for those facing terror or revolution in their own countries, That, however does not mean inviting the rest of the world to come on in.

Having made a colossal mess of our sojourn in Afghanistan, President Biden has brought in all sorts of “refugees” from that country with no recognition of religious laws that are in deep conflict with our own. Islamic law seems to be fine with turning over very little girls to old men for their sexual satisfaction, which is deeply at odds with our own customs. Already having problems with Afghans temporarily housed at military bases in this country in that specific line. And we seem to be blithely planting them in communities around the country. Good luck with that one.

Lots of babies hospitalized because of the baby formula shortage. Formula is reportedly on the way from Germany by ship. but it takes time to get here.

Rumors of food shortages are big in the news, with suppliers ready to offer a “4 Week Emergency Food Kit” and the like. So is everybody going to start hoarding and eliciting a real food crisis? The Republican Party in Congress has just rubber stamped Biden’s $900 million for more immigration from Ukraine. Yes, the Russians have invaded Ukraine. That does not mean that we need to invite the Ukrainians to come to America to live. There is a legal way to come to America. You go to the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate, apply, and wait your turn.

If you are well equipped with the right kind of masks, and feel safe, not so fast. Now we are to have an epidemic of “Monkeypox”. From the pictures online, big pox pustules. Looks vastly uncomfortable, especially if they itch. Clearly, just worrying about the price of gas is not enough. I don’t know if monkeypox lands you in the hospital or not.

Here’s the Robert Gates, former Defense Secretary under the Bush and Obama administrations announced on CBS;s “Face the Nation” that former President Donald Trump running for office would present a “concern” for national security. Huh? He said there are not enough Republicans “denouncing white supremacy”. Host Margaret Brennan asked if the American public needed a “full accounting” of the events of January 6th? Gates responded that “What happened on January 6 was a huge blight on our democracy”

On January 6, protesters in a plaza just outside the Capitol were invited into the building by Capitol Police. They walked respectfully through the building looking at the pictures, obeying the red velvet ropes. There is film of the whole thing! It could not conceivably be called a “riot”, although Democrats seem to believe that designation will be useful for them. Political games can get ugly. Every mention of January 6 will undoubtedly now be referred to as “a riot”.

They are also now pushing the “white supremacy” theme. 61.1% of the American population is white. I have never heard anyone seriously claim that “Whites” are somehow superior because of their skin color. “Native Americans” apparently came here from the Pacific Islands if you go back far enough. 12.1% of Americans are Black, 2.09% ‘Native American’, 7.2 % Asian, 18,7 % Hispanic or Latino, 12.1% Black, changing daily depending on who is having the most babies. And of course the races get very mixed. I suspect that prejudice has more to do with factors other than than race anyway. Politicians find the designations useful, I guess. Certainly the media does.

Still, the number one attraction seems to be a good boob shot, or so the work of the nation’s press photographers would indicate. I personally have a deep prejudice against facial hair. I just don’t like beards and mustaches. Sorry, guys. I know having to shave every day must be a pain, I have always hated beards. Probably because my dad was always clean shaven. . But I really hate those early photographs where every man seems to have a beard. Sorry, changing fashions.

People have prejudices. People from “up North” find Southern Drawls difficult, sometimes even to understand, and the reverse is probably true as well. There are lots of “regionalisms’ in speech, particularly in local slang. Lots of “localisms” that don’t appear in any dictionary. I have often read the Southern term “chitlins” and have no idea what it refers to. The Idaho Potato people just released a potato perfume (like french fries) for gift giving to great hilarity. Very popular too.

Do you, for example, know what a “puffball” is? It’s a wild mushroom, some of fairly significant size for a mushroom, that are quite wonderful, cooked. They are big round white balls found in a grassy field and often easy to spot. Spot puffballs in a field, and pull the car over immediately! On the other hand, saw photos today online of an alligator found on someone’s front porch, which I would find terrifying!

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Speaking of blithe, Biden noted we are making an incredible transition from fossil fuels. Question, what electric trucks are we supposed to transition to? Tesla isn’t suppose to start delivering their semi until 2023. No one else has an electric truck to offer that I know of.. We are looking at potential rationing of diesel fuel this summer, so how is the supply chain to operate without a vehicle to deliver goods?

Who makes a transition without something to transition to? This is an incredible level of incompetence.

If you were to deliberately cripple the US economy what would you do differently?

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Comment by dscott8186

I’m envisioning a series of “guidebooks” for the presidential desk, carefully antiqued so they look like they’ve been there for many administrations, Subjects like “Inflation, and how to avoid it” , “War and how to avoid it” That sort of thing. Would it help? Probably not, but if we can’t do it at the ballot box, we need to try something else.
Sexy looking truck. But why electric? The fossil fuel fear is nonsense.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Someone is finally listening to reason, maybe:


Comment by dscott8186

Speaking of making incompetent decisions that have “unintended” consequences. You remember Biden decided to up the Ethanol % to 15%? Going from 10 to 15% is a 50% increase in Ethanol feed stock and therefore 50% more cropland needed to achieve that goal.

“Rockefeller Foundation says six months remain before a “massive, immediate food crisis” unfolds across the entire world”

At what point does an incompetent president get impeached? Time to invoke the General Welfare clause of the Constitution.

Paying to not plant crops needs to be immediately suspended and the RFS Ethanol mandate reduced to 5%.


Comment by dscott8186

Behold the greed and stupidity of the liberal:

“A carbon tax would also serve two other goals. First, it would help balance future budgets. Tens of millions of Americans are set to retire in the next decades, and, as a result, many budget experts agree that federal budgets simply can’t be balanced with spending cuts alone. We’ll also need substantial additional revenue, most of which could be generated by a carbon tax.

Prof. Frank’s columns in the NY Times Sunday business section:

Reducing CO2 emissions would actually be surprisingly easy. The most effective remedy would be a carbon tax, which would raise the after-tax price of goods in rough proportion to the size of their carbon footprint. Gasoline would become more expensive, piano lessons would not. … [W]e could insulate ourselves from catastrophic [climate] risk at relatively modest cost by enacting a steep carbon tax.”

Biden couldn’t even follow the road map set before him. He was supposed to increase the cost of fuel via taxation to collect the revenue to offset known coming budget pressures as a twofer. Instead he created a shortage via regulation and bureaucratic stumbling blocks and then engaged in massive budget grifting to his campaign supporters. If you are a liberal who sincerely believes government is the answer, you should be embarrassed and angry, no livid that this bunch in the WH has displayed what can only be charitably called as grossly incompetent.

Notice that they actually believed that rising fuel costs wouldn’t affect the price of services. Apparently, the piano teacher only walks or rides a bike to the student. Or the parents walked their kids to the lesson. These people are truly stupid, the smarter they think they are, the dumber they actually are.


Comment by dscott8186

A foreseeable catastrophe is developing:

By election day this catastrophe will no longer be deniable, by January 21, 2023 when the new Congress is seated, will it be beyond mitigation?

Biden is presiding over the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. Now that’s leadership…


Comment by dscott8186

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