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A School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas! by The Elephant's Child
May 25, 2022, 4:52 pm
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A School shooting in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday, has brought out all the expected and usual commentary. There have apparently been 27 school shootings that have taken place this year! The numbers alone would indicate a lot of “copycat” things. The Texas shooting on Tuesday marked the 213th mass shooting in the U.S. since the start of 2022.

This immediately brings out all the usual chatter about banning all guns. I have always owned guns, and a list of my carnage may help to indicate why some people find a gun useful. To date: 9 rattlesnakes, 2 porcupines, one lynx, and very large numbers of woodrats. All when I lived in the mountains of Idaho.

Haven’t shot anyone or anything since living in a city in California, Arizona, or Washington State. I will admit to holding some unpleasant thoughts about a dog just down the hill that yaps whenever he is outside, and all too frequently is joined by the dog across the street. Have always had dogs, but would never allow the continuous barking the neighbors seem to indulge. But I haven’t complained either. There are methods to train dogs not to just bark because they are bored.

Nevertheless, it’s easy to understand those whose immediate reaction to a school shooting is to attempt to ban all guns. Wouldn’t work. Those who want guns for self-protection or live in troubled areas would not give up their guns easily, understandably.

Some cities have real problems with shootings. Chicago comes to mind, but most large cities have some problems. In the case of school shootings, wide publicity of what happens to the shooter would seem to be inclined to help.

I had not realized that there were 27 school shooting this year, did you? That’s a shocking number.

ADDENDUM: This school shooter seems to have shot his grandmother before tackling the school, so he had some real derangement problems there. I don’t know how you catch that before they do something terrible. Clearly there is some need for police department instructions on how to approach a crazy shooter, but then probably every situation is different.

Police officers who responded to the shooter are receiving death threats, as if they were responsible for the shooter. Several of the officers who responded to the shooter had kids in that school. One officer had a child who was shot.People who seem to think “death threats” are a proper response to anything, need to do some serious self examination. You are badly out of line.

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Slap up a few “Gun Free Zone” signs and it’s all OK.
Mission Accomplished ….Shove it NRA !
-The Teachers Union


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