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Experts and Celebrities and More Celebrities by The Elephant's Child
June 16, 2022, 10:09 pm
Filed under: Politics

One of the most popular words today in journalist’s columns is “experts”. Well, just a darn minute. Who are these anonymous “experts” and what are their qualifications to be called “expert”? You don’t often get an explanation of that. Journalists, however, are anxious to include an expert to be profound about whatever they happen to be writing about. Proof that they are right on top of the most important idea of the day. Don’t let them get away with that.

Some “experts” come with their qualifications noted. If the Chairman of Exxon-Mobil speaks out about the price of gas at the pump, he probably knows what he is talking about. But journalists want experts to verify what they are writing their column about so their column will have more authority and be more important and therefore more read. When you start paying more attention to the news and reading more news online, you naturally want to read that which seems more authoritative

I admit that I am paying more attention to the news, and reading more, and in the process becoming more familiar with journalist efforts to grasp more credibility., as well as learning more about the tricks they use to get attention. You have surely noticed the increased numbers of “boob shots” and women in bikinis and various stages of undress, which has nothing whatsoever to do with world news. But there you go. Celebrities are another important factor. Why would one want to read the news of the world without the presence of some Hollywood celebrity?

I’m becoming something of a crank, I guess, I have no interest whatsoever in Hollywood celebrities, their movies, their love lives, their houses, or their ceremonies. They’ve overdone it. A large percentage of the “experts” aren’t expert about anything at all. The “celebrities” are either unknown or of no interest. While their thoughts and ideas have become public fodder, there’s that other old famous saying: “Familiarity Breeds contempt.” Celebrities aren’t guaranteeing the instant attention they used to. You’ve probably notice that they are dragging out celebrities from years ago, probably deceased, because their long life as a celebrity guarantees interest. And achieving “celebrityhood” and greater interest is financially rewarding as well. It might be fun to keep track of the “events” that allow a journalist to come up with some current interest is someone who has been “famous” was too long.

You might enjoy searching for “Celebrities”. It’s pretty fascinating what turns up!

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