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The Price at the Pump and Other Ideas! by The Elephant's Child
June 23, 2022, 8:19 pm
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President Joe Biden apparently has no idea why the price of gasoline at the pump has climbed so high, which is interesting in itself. He has demanded that gas stations just stop raising their prices! I’m sure that will help! He cannot be that naive about how the price of gasoline at the pump works, can he? Well, yes he can. The climate of the earth is controlled by the action of our sun, not by the exhausts of our automobiles.

CO2, carbon dioxide, is not a poisonous gas, but a natural fertilizer for plants. Nurseries pump more CO2 into their greenhouses to make their plants grow taller and stronger. You have probably not noticed ambulances rushing to your local nurseries to rescue the nurserymen.

A slightly higher concentrate of CO2 in our atmosphere has meant bountiful crops all over the world. Australia wrote up their crop success this year for the international press. Afghanistan, in the midst of a war, had remarkably successful crops. But that is drowned out by the general panic about excess CO2. Visit Climate Depot, Watts Up With That and Roy. Spencer PhD for accurate information about the climate, which is controlled by our sun, and is doing just fine.

President Biden’s approval rating has fallen to 30% approval. which is getting remarkably low. The President has proposed to put federal gas taxes on hold, but this is apparently an ineffective talking point that sways no one at all. They are simply out of ideas on inflation or gas prices.

AOC, however, wants you to know that she is suffering just like you are. Her $172,000 Congressional salary is just too low, and she needs a raise. So there you go. Your representatives in Congress care deeply about your welfare!

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President Biden has continued to make a number of shall we say ill informed comments and demands regarding the price of fuel. Readers should be aware that gas station owners make 3 to 7 cents a gallon, Big Oil makes about 37 cents a gallon and Big Government (federal, state and local) skims around 70 cents a gallon.


I use the term skim given that the “revenues” collected are supposed to maintain the infrastructure but are typically misappropriated for mass transit (super spreader delivery systems). Building of mass transit systems are used by politicians to get kick backs from construction companies to fund their campaign budgets. The authorities are loathe to prosecute their fellow travelers because they are sold on a government solution to problems created (housing density) by the government. Sounds cynical? Check out on who gives to politicians.

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