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And A Very Happy Fourth of July! by The Elephant's Child
July 1, 2022, 9:00 pm
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As a kid in the Idaho mountains, we had forest too close to risk a lot of fireworks, so we had no big displays, but lots of sparklers to run around with. Seattle. as a city surrounded by water, has some pretty spectacular displays, and all the larger communities have their own. Puget Sound is a an enormous arm of the Pacific ocean with islands. Island communities all have displays, and all the surrounding communities have their own, so fireworks are a pretty big deal here. You just need a good spot on one of the taller hills, and you can see many displays all at once. So what are we celebrating?

Can you tell me right off what the “Fourth Of July” celebrates? Lots of patriotic displays, fireworks everywhere, rockets, preferably over water, and we have lots of that in the Seattle area. Displays up and down the Sound, lots on the beaches around Lake Washington. Bellevue, the largest suburb sits between Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish to the East. All have generous displays, so you can see plenty if you can just find a hill from which to observe. ,

The Declaration of Independence. After a long and bloody war we stopped being an English colony and became our own nation. I had nine ancestors who fought, from Bunker Hill to crossing the Delaware. But I have never been East long enough to see the battlegrounds so fiercely won. But it’s easy just to appreciate the fireworks displays and forget what they actually represent, and why we celebrate. Canada, next door, has a different history and a far less bloody separation., and far less of a separation as well.

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