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Reacting to Journalism, a History! by The Elephant's Child
July 3, 2022, 7:10 pm
Filed under: Politics

I think there is some developing dissatisfaction with today’s journalism. Every town of any size at all is apt to have a newspaper, a weekly for the smallest towns, and competition for the largest. Journalists want readers, and work valiantly at trying to write something notable or important or at least interesting. Aids to being interesting include good photography, which does not consider lighting or background, but celebrities of some kind, boob shots, or some kind of female nudity, Nobody, apparently, has any interest in male nudity or musculature. I have no idea. As a female. I have no interest in boob shots. and I would suspect that few women do. But then I’ve never been attracted by masculine musculature either. I’m usually looking for good minds.

Celebrities are a slightly different matter. I have no interest in so-called celebrities, which are usually women who have appeared in a movie. Haven’t been to a move in a very long time, but was never interested in the actors outside of the film. The more journalists feature “celebrities” the less likely I am to go to a movie or watch one online. I don’t think I have ever been a “fan”, eager to see another film by one of the celebrities. The featuring of celebrities in articles does not attract me to an article at all. though I understand that many people are attracted, especially to musical celebrities.

My mother tried valiantly to make me musical, piano lessons, singing lessons, choruses, her last effort was whistling lessons from the lady who did the whistling tor the Hartz Mountain Canary Hour on the radio many, many years ago. I could whistle loud enough to get my horse back from up on the hill across the river, but that was it. Not musical, and no interest in music, ever. No favorite bands nor singers ever. I just passed through the big (and little) band era oblivious.

The movie that most affected me, many, many years ago was called, I think “Reap the Wild Wind” or something like that, and featured a young woman stowed away in the cargo of a sailing ship headed to South America. The ship went down, but as water was coming into the hold, a large squid also entered, and that whole segment of the film left me terrified of octopuses and squids forever. Even in nice tame local swimming pools. Weird.

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