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Is The World About to End? Are These the Final Days? by The Elephant's Child
July 12, 2022, 8:13 pm
Filed under: Politics

A ten-year old post here continues to draw attention, although it’s badly our of date. The picture of broken up wind turbines was in Hawaii, and way older than 10 years. And obviously no longer pertinent to anything at all.

There is enormous confusion out there about the climate. The climate of the Earth is controlled by the action of our sun, and the sun seems to be just fine, with no signs of diminishing splendor. The concern arose when someone noticed a slight increase in the amount of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) in the atmosphere, and made the erroneous conclusion that meant that we were all going to die and the Earth had gone all haywire. I’m not sure about the increase in CO2, but if it has increased, that’s good. CO2 (carbon dioxide), is plant food and makes plants grow stronger and better and helps to feed a hungry world. Nurseries pump extra CO2 into their greenhouses to make their plants grow better for more profitable sales, and you surely have not noticed the ambulances flocking to the local nurseries to rescue the attendants.

Used to be photographs of people gone to sit up on the side of a local hill to wait for the approaching end of the world. Strange panics do arise now and then, often from some religious zealot, that catch on, frighten some people, and then fade away. There have been some cults that were noted in the press when the followers went off to await the end in some distant place. But we’re still here, the sun seems to be just fine, usual sunspots and all. Just don’t fall for any strange cult that is selling the idea of the ending of the world. No signs yet that is upcoming.

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