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It’s Getting Bad Out There, And It’s Probably Going To Get A Lot Worse! by The Elephant's Child
July 18, 2022, 9:57 pm
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I have something to mail, and I had already forgotten about the price of a postage stamp! 44 cents! Need some evidence about inflation? There you go. The Postmaster General has decided that the Post Office should become self-supporting. And the people, unimpressed with his desires, will pay their bills online, and what will happen to the Post Office? Will you continue to send Christmas cards to all of your friends at Christmas? Or send them an email?

There are a lot of these seemingly minor changes that I suspect are not going to sit so well. We know already about inflation! Or at least if you’ve been to the grocery store you know.

There was a major upset over the absence of baby food on store shelves. A lot of babies ended up in the hospital because their parents couldn’t get formula for them. The factories are producing formula as fast as they can, But the wrath of parents who can’t buy food for their babies is going to shake the country. All these seemingly minor changes will not seem to legislators to be a very important deal, but you star adding the price of a gallon of gas, the cost of baby food and the difficulty of finding it on the shelves, will add up.

Add on some of the stuff the schools are trying to teach the kids, the blather about changing one’s sex and putting tampons in the men’s room, all this stuff will add up, and I have no idea where it will end up, but beware. Could get very bad. I have no young kids in school, but it sounds like parents are moving out of the public schools when they can to something more dependable. I don’t know, but these are bad signs. I’m pessimistic!

We’ll get used to the 44 cents. Some people will get dropped from your Christmas card list. The cost of a gallon of gas will change lives. All there small annoyances will pile up. Things will change. We’ll see.

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The economy added 528,000 jobs in July…

Conflating jobs taken with people without a job taking them. The economy DID NOT add 528,000 unemployed people to the nations payrolls, it added 528,000 under employed people taking their 2nd and 3rd job to make ends meet.

File under cover up, or economic magical thinking (animal spirits)

Something Snaps In The Job Market: Multiple Jobholders Hit All Time High As Unexplained 1.8 Million Jobs Gap Emerges

“… the number of multiple jobholders whose primary and secondary jobs are both full-time just hit a record high! Hardly the sign of a strong job market, one where people can afford to quit jobs at will.

So what’s going on here? The simple answer: Fewer people working, but more people working more than one job, a rotation which picked up in earnest some time in March and which has only been captured by the Household survey.

And since the Establishment survey is far slower to pick up on the nuances in employment composition, while the Household Survey has gone nowhere since March, the BLS data engineers have been busy goalseeking the Establishment Survey (perhaps with the occasional nudge from the White House especially now that the economy is in a technical recession) to make it appear as if the economy is growing strongly, when in reality all they are doing is applying the same erroneous seasonal adjustment factor that gave such a wrong perspective of the labor market in the aftermath of the covid pandemic (until it was all adjusted away a year ago). In other words, while the labor market is already cracking, it will take the BLS several months of veering away from reality before the government bureaucrats accept and admit what is truly taking place.

We expect that “realization” to take place just after the midterms, because the last thing the Biden administration can afford is admit the labor market is crashing in addition to the continued surge in inflation.”


Comment by dscott8186

Added detail of this scandal:

Charles Payne: Jobs report not what it seems

“Household Survey

Full Time -71,000
part-time +384,000
multiple jobs +92,000.”

It cited data from Robert Luther who had pointed out the Biden coalition “added” 528,000 jobs but the U.S. had 136,000 fewer employed.

Twitchy wondered, “How many of those added jobs were people taking on extra work to keep up with gas and inflation.”

Who is the example of the old adage, who are the 2 biggest liars? Joe Biden spouting statistics…


Comment by dscott8186

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